1. You gotta appreciate the craftsmanship.

  2. Amazing… A hug of Brasil.

  3. Now you just take it to Labyrinthian and you’ll be able to travel through time and space!

  4. Mask of Jhin league of legends plss

  5. 7:50 – 7:58 “There , there, everything is going to be alright”

  6. nah just need the wooden mask 🙂

  7. very on point

  8. Illumanary Ringleader

    AlpacaLegion wtf lmao wyd here?

  9. Just bring a big hammer so you can crack open the dragon head carving to get the special mask.

  10. I’d buy one

  11. Amazing everyone who plays skyrim is proud

  12. AlpacaLegion ai să îmi bag

  13. Hey, guys! Check my new video: Carving A Konahrik Mask Out of Wood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkZmZGknCmI Enjoy!!


    Awesome !

  15. nu m-am asteptat sa te gasesc aici

  16. Александр ForestLamp

    COOL-You gotta appreciate the craftsmanship.

  17. .     *CARPENTRY 96*

  18. I’m a little confused. This is from Darksiders II, right?

  19. That’s right! 🙂

  20. after clout ????

  21. wipe those tears of existence away and lets get some ice cream and watch romantic comedies together

  22. LMAO

  23. know thats some skyrim craftsmanship

  24. Tode Sekuloski *Puts it on*
    *Gets teleported to a different dimension*

  25. Hudson Lima hey i’am from brazil too!

  26. Senhor Divindade 👍👍👍

  27. lol yeah my thoughts exactly

  28. Tode Sekuloski ok

  29. Not sure if I’ll get a response but, how much would it cost to have one of these made? I don’t have the tools or the skill to make it myself.

  30. Hudson Lima Tu ja, já fica bom no inglês

    Vc tá se saindo mt bem (Sou BR fluente no inglês)

    Já não posso dizer o msm do gringo q tentou falar português, kkkkkk

  31. um cara qualquer Valeu , abração.

  32. Tode Sekuloski

  33. Tode Sekuloski cool

  34. Fa un clip in care incerci ceva de genul. Ar fi fain

  35. Thanks man

  36. I’m with Sarah Osborne. It’s definitely from Pac-Man. You can remember the names of the ghosts by thinking “Inky, Blinky, Dragon Priest, and Sue.”

  37. PaWeloWi Clash Royale

    Oye The Great *The paint 😂

  38. Ikr right! Antonio Melito I don’t even know where you got skyrim from? Everyone knows its Pacman…

  39. Jhuei ma che cazzo stai a di?numme fa bestemmia ‘ pure te eh?!?

  40. ITS FROM SKYRIM!!!!!

  41. Increíble la transformación.

  42. You just need Morokei to do the initial time and space traveling, but you need all 10 to finish the quest line.

  43. Soo neat!! Great work 👌

  44. Ohh Skyrim is Pacman in Urdu. RWBY1000 We know its from Pacman…

  45. no music, no montage, just clips of a man at work. I like this.

  46. I have a new video, guys. Miraak mask. Please watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxWQRQvrACM&t=15s


  48. So I’m a little interested in getting started in woodworking. Why’d you choose walnut instead of something else (like oak or cherry)? I’m trying to understand the differences in each type of wood. EDIT: fixed typos

  49. +NOISE FPV I can definitely appreciate the art of the skill. Putting in that much time is impressive.

  50. Yeah, but this job doesn’t pay a lot like in the old days, so people get struggled to find jobs in it. That’s a shame.

  51. That’s great. You should learn from him. 😉

  52. Yeah Tode, i know all the bases but i’m more turned into technological things. When i was kid i “designed” traced a lot of pieces in my free times to him to do. Good thing to see you with so much passion in your work 🙂

  53. It only costs $95 for the mask, but the tools and materials would probably cost more, plus the skill and time to learn/improve. Pretty good deal honestly.

  54. Do you selll these

  55. I take commissions, yes. Please check my Etsy shop in the description.

  56. Oak is very hard for carving. Cherry is good.

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  58. Sweet

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