Carving a chain using only power tools

Carving a chain out of one piece of wood, no glue, using only power tools. (ok, in the end, I cheated a bit and chamfered the inside edges using a carving knife)

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Updated: November 1, 2016 — 2:55 am


  1. Aren’t you in Germany??

  2. Very cool!

  3. Александр Столяр

    +Maxim Kozlov
    А смысл? 🙂 Проще с двух половинок склеить… Прочность? Да какая там
    прочность у деревянной цепи. Сферический конь в вакууме 🙂

  4. +Александр Столяр
    Не мешай мне пиариться )))))

  5. +Александр Столяр the main challenge of the video is precisely to make a
    chain without glue

  6. Александр Столяр

    Теоретически – очень интересно. Практическая польза какая?

  7. +pearljamrock Notice that you never see his face in this video. I think he
    used a body double then did the voiceover from Germany.

  8. “I’m just gonna cheat a lite bit and use a hand tool for this” – Matthias
    Wandel 2016

    You’re a special kind of awesome :)

  9. +Matthias Wandel Guten Morgen, willkommen in Deutschland!

  10. Way to go man! That is awesome!

  11. Matthias I would love to be able to make mistakes that look as good as
    yours do:)

  12. Your a genius…

  13. Dj Perera Oficial

    vai da tel cu

  14. Jerkok Repinsrelik

    how about the exact model of that dewalt router?i’d like to know because i
    want to get thesame router so when i buy the plans i would make it

  15. +Jerko Lee I don’t have a devwalt router

  16. Jerkok Repinsrelik

    can you please tell me the exact router brand and model u used in this
    pantorouter? or is it in the plans also where the measurements fits
    specific router?

  17. 0:35 I thought you said no gluing

  18. +Yootjoob what’s with his “a genius” ?

  19. + Alexander Carpenter It’s a novelty.

  20. You’re a wizard.

  21. Just saw the article featuring you in Woodshoo News! Very cool!

  22. Weird thing though, they didn’t even mention your YouTube presence! They
    must be threatened by the new-fangled interwebs!

  23. Roller Coaster Maniac


  24. +SmarterEveryDay

    He has a wife and a kid. So I highly doubt that.

  25. +Black Berry obscure meme reference

  26. Sorry, I couldn’t help imagining you made these to make baby-scale
    nun-chuks for your daughter.

  27. Please, don’t disable comments on trap videos, just ignore idiots that
    complain about You killing pests, they clearly never had a pest problem and
    were raised by Disney.

  28. Anthony Demauleon

    He was born in the woods and raised by trees.

  29. Anthony Demauleon


  30. Crazy Candy Crush

    In the “Parallel Universe”; It is 6 Donuts join together!!! :)

  31. Watch The World Burn

    +Anthony Demauleon that’s explains a lot

  32. Why? (Stewie Griffin accent)

  33. indeed..

  34. I wonder what sort of pulling strength it has before it breaks. A rope made
    out of a stick….

  35. +Anthony Demauleon if he was raised by trees, why is he cutting them and
    torturing them?

  36. this guy is genius

  37. +Jerkok Repinsrelik pretty sure its a homemade one

  38. I know your going to hate it but now its time to make a lot out of
    different wood to see about the breaking strength, next video ? can i get a
    shout out if you do it ? thanks man keep up the great work i love learning
    something new every time with your vids

  39. It’s good to know you’re interested in the same things as I am. I’m
    studying to be an engineer. Love your channel!

  40. Damião Francelino da Silva

  41. You are insane, and I mean that in the very nicest possible way. Thank you

  42. Am I strange that seeing this kind of craftsmanship and hearing power tools
    turns me on? – rhetorical. I’m too confident to care what you think of that
    question but it needed to be stated. Men that smell of sawdust and can make
    me furniture are HOT!

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