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Sanders Fine Carpentry is a new modular style cabinet manufacturer in the Philippines. Located in Metro Manila we are equipped to service all projects large and small. We offer complete design and engineering for our installations as well.

This video represents the process of making a single cabinet. It is intended to show how the machinery and skilled workers come together to produce quality cabinetry. I will be uploading more detailed videos very soon. Subscribe to my chanel to keep updated.

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  1. can you please explain how you fixed the face of the drawer to fit perfectly?

  2. @lukeas8 In the drawer front we drill 5mm holes and insert plastic expansion dowels (hafele sells them). A corresponding 8mm hole is drilled through the drawer subfront so that the holes line up perfectly. Then I use a trusshead screw to attatch the subfront. This method allows about 3mm of adjustment in both directions. The dowels hold a lot better in the particle board core than a screw will.

  3. I imported all my machines xworks from the manufacturers in Germany and Italy. They all fit in two containers.

  4. I think I saw you kicking the bags when I used to go to Gold’s Gym in Munoz. Thought you were an expat working in the nearby call center. Cool job. I don’t suppose you conduct basic carpentry seminars/training for DIY enthusiasts?

  5. @bauey Im a friendly guy and I love to talk about carpentry. So far I usually have to pay others to listen to me, hehehe. I speak Tagalog pretty well also so I can conduct training classes and help implement new production machinery and systems.

  6. With the machinery that you have, I would hope that you can produce your cabinetry alot faster than what Ive just watched in you video. I think your wasting alot of time the way that you are doweling the boxes togeather. All in all not a bad shop, but there is definetly alot of room for improvement.

  7. Also, 5:05-5:25 kills me to watch. You should really think about some insertion machines because thats just brutal. Good luck but you need work.

  8. Thanks for the comments. I hope you understand this is just a marketing video to show our machinery and a basic overview of our process. When we are in production it looks a lot different. Feel free to share your advise on improving our process. Perhaps you have a better production setup than I do.

  9. Labor is very low in my market, it is more cost effective to pound dowels. With a staff of 6 we can process 30 sheets in an 8 hour shift. That means an average sized kitchen goes out the door every day. Not too bad I think, but you might be able to do better. A dowel insert machine would need double production output to make it worth the cost of the machine. You should not automatically assume you know more than others just because you do not understand their business, it makes you look bad.

  10. We use full 5/8 bottoms for drawers . And nail the sides in with a 16 gauge nailer. Never had a drawer fall apart . Much quicker to assemble ad sturdier.

  11. By the way use an electric drill (much faster )

  12. Kathy Tipon-tipon

    Hi! Do you conduct trainings? Thanks!

  13. Emmanuel Jr Causing

    do you accept cabinet maker apprentice?
    i’ve had internship in japan and i want to continue my career as a full-time cabinet maker.

  14. Saepuru plaadist saab ka ilusamat ja paremat mööblit 😀

  15. too slow

  16. Maybe it is slow, but it is perfect

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