1. timostimostimostimos

    if he says ” 2×4″ im going to pull my hair out i hate the way americans say “2×4”

  2. Great video, but the volume is too low, have difficulty hearing it!!

  3. I just hate they even call it 2 or 4, its not, not even close, its closer to 1.5 and 3.5 but not close enough I can depend on any measurement first step of making anything nice has to be plane all the boards down to the same dimensions. why bother having the lumber mills plane them all down when we KNOW they aren’t going to be right by the time they get to a buyer, I for one would just like the to leave them rough sawn and keep that extra few square inches. assuming you can even find a strait 1

  4. it must be over your head.

  5. 4×2 or 2×4, not worth arguing about, after all, we’re “two nations divided by a common language”. We in the UK say “rebate”, our US friends say “rabbet”. We say “timber”, Americans say “lumber”. Admittedly, I find it irritating when a Brit says 2×4.

  6. So what do they call a 4X4 in GB? I’ll bet they say 4X4 – and THAT just pisses me off.

  7. If it’s a proper 4×4, we’d call it a Landrover.

  8. Professional cabinet makers come i here to bash.

  9. Nerds.

  10. 2×4 or 4×4 are nominal size of the wood . the finish size is usually a bit less. wood is always describe  by its nominal size

  11. I love John’s glasses.  It’s like being back in the 80’s again!

  12. Enjoyed the content.  However, the audio (volume) sucks! 

  13. Great video! But why do wood-shop teachers always look like wood-shop teachers? Haha!

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  17. 2:09 Easy John, you’ll get your turn lol

  18. +Dr. Ralph Kennedy You’re replying to a spambot. 🙂

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