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  1. Megatron Vs. Octopusprime

    You make it look so easy .

  2. What happened near to doors of that table ?

    Little bit white white ?

  3. +Rahul Athavle I don’t understand your question.

  4. Sir , I mean to say ,near the centre doors ( just above the knobs) , there is something white paint or powder . I think its not properly painted .

  5. Hi Steve! lil’ question here…
    I saw the rolling cabinet and now this one…
    I noticed you used for the rolling one, solid wood for the Frame and then for the panels just plywood, but here, you didn’t use Solid wood;
    So… I want to make something pretty similar to this to support a plunge router, Should I use solid Wood or can I just Go foward using only the plywood?

    2nd question: What does the presence of solid wood in the internal structure offers? (does it really strength it “THAT” much?)

  6. plywood is generally stronger than solid wood, but depending on the look you want and how much strength you actually need you can choose between either. solid wood looks better by itself, so if you want the wood to be visible (like if you just use lacquer) you might want to use solid wood. In this case he painted it, so plywood was fine.

  7. What did all these people work with before tablesaws/router tables/bandsaws/workshops etc etc were available to the ordinary diy guys? Most of us have only an electric drill/driver and a Skil saw etc, so these videos, although very interesting are of little use to us.

  8. +Grover895 Thanks for watching anyway. I’m glad I am useful enough to inspire you to leave a comment!

  9. You can build this type of items with a circular saw and router with a straight edge. It takes effort, but not unheard of.

  10. With a little effort, this could be built with a handsaw, drill, hammer and some nails.

    And if you want to use more tools, find a maker space. Ask a local high school if you can use the shop after school is out. Find cheap tools on craigslist. Ask family members if they have old tools they don’t need.

    Don’t sit there and complain that you can’t build anything because you’re too lazy to get some tools, and don’t say that everyone else should limit themselves like you have just so that their videos can be of use to you.

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  12. What’s the wax finish you used? How’s that holding up?

  13. Grover, my Dad used to work with mostly (unpowered) hand tools and it just used to take a long time. He did get a lot done even still. I’m glad for power tools though. I’d heartily recommend a table saw, it has so many uses. You can build a router table fairly easily (still on my todo list). A bandsaw would be nice but I haven’t missed it too much.

    The point is, the techniques are not too much different, the power tools just make things easier.

  14. Hi Rahul, I think that’s just part of the distressing technique.

  15. Having thought about it, I’m not sure I’m liking the rabbet for those drawer bottoms. You’re relying on glue and nails to keep things together, neither of which work especially well in that situation. Better a groove to sit the drawer bottom in.

    Also not a fan of that style of drawer runner. They tend to be stiff, reduce the amount you can open the drawer and allow the drawer to sag. If you’re going for cheap or traditional, that’s OK but I think springing for some more modern mechanical ones is worth it.

  16. Sorry, just processing my thoughts. I remember seeing a drawer-bottom video where the idea was that the different woods could expand at different ratios seasonally so it was only attached (nailed) at one end and allowed to float.

  17. Why did you put that extra sheet @48 and you also have it @1:21

  18. Great videos thank you

  19. It was great seeing somebody make exactly the same mistake I’ve made when I made some drawers. You did that for me, didn’t you Steve?

  20. Great vid….keep going stronger

  21. Smart trick with the draw spacer, then later use it to set your saw. . .someone was thinking! Nice build

  22. Amazing!

  23. @3:45 you can see that is the face end of the cabinet. It’s probably thicker so that the faceframe of the cabinet is even all the way around. If it wasn’t there the faceframe would be thinner on the two ends of the cabinet.

  24. that was my favorite tip from this video. I plan to do the same! Time saver!

  25. hello sir where are u living

  26. How hard up is Palid Paints to sponsor this?

  27. love that chalk paint , i recommend it cheap as hell too the way it should be . i always put polyacrylic finish over it when done to protect the chalk paint it also darkens it up a little

  28. your work is amazing! And thank you especially for included the drawer mistake and how to fix it. This kind of thing is inspiring for those of us who are just starting out to see the pros mess up now and again. It puts things into perspective when we screw up…. And when we get angry and throw cracked boards at the wall….

  29. Thank you Steve. You are a real inspiration for my 9 year old. We love watching your show together and his love for woodwork is growing by the day. Oh we are watching from Australia too! 😀

  30. You have the best videos! I learn so much from you!

  31. Mailing address in the description.

  32. Hey Steve! What do you have against drawer slider hardware?? Lol.

  33. I love you show it when things go wrong it’s very honest this is a small part of why I watch these videos

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