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Woodworkers are always looking at tools and purchasing inexpensive power tools, for the correct application and use, can save your money and still get the job done.
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  2. I wait till it goes on sale I just purchased a drill n impact combo kit
    (porter + cable) and they went 4- $99.00 that is inexpensive 4 some but
    well worth it I own 39-49 and like drills n such but they do fine and get
    the job done.

  3. +Ruben Rivera Sales are good things to wait for 🙂

  4. +mh bayareh glad to hear, thanks

  5. yup and the brand names make great accessories to 4 the money

  6. When the thermal switch kicks in, would the tool be hot enough to melt
    steel beams?

  7. Chris Thornborrow

    it is so refreshing to listen to an expert who is not a snob about tools.
    Most of us have to buy cheaper tools some or all of the time.

  8. “12 volt” tools are weak????? NO! voltage has nothing to do with power
    level.. what is important for power level is AMPERAGE not VOLTAGE

  9. To a point, but a 220V machine at 7 amps runs just the same or better than
    a 110V machine at 14 amps, no? At this point, performance is a function of
    watts, or overall power.

  10. The 18V drill will draw less from the battery at 12V at the same load. So
    yeah, the 12V battery drill can’t deliver the amps over time.

  11. Not even jet fuel can melt steel beams.

  12. Sometimes, expensive doesnt mean it’s better. My father bough, like, 12
    years ago, a no-brand hammer drill for 12€. We used it to reform our house,
    and one day we in the tools store and we saw a Bosh hammer drill that was
    on sale, from 130€ to like 70. He said “hey, we use the drill all the time,
    we should buy a better one and keep the bad one as a spare”. The Bosh died
    in the next two years. Since then, i’ve used the “bad” chinese one for
    everything, including several cable installations (for clients, friends,
    etc) with wall to wall holes. It works as well as new.

  13. I’ve seen jet fuel melting steel beams in New York.

  14. +He Ka so have i 911

  15. DIYorDIE!!! Trifun

    Dammit, I was just about to say that, but you beat me to it!

  16. also i am not a fan of cheap tools becauae they break so i buy quite
    expensive tools like dewalt and Stanley

  17. Тетяна Ковалишин

    right you are in 100%. I’m Ukrainian and i bought metabo 2443 hammer drill
    2years ago. yes , the drill worked hardly 2 years and eventually broke
    down. my partner bought chinese copy of Bosch hammer 2 years ago, and it is
    miracle, it still work . conclusion is so, don’t buy Germany tool made in
    China, you better buy chinese tool made in china

  18. Тетяна Ковалишин

    but 18 or 24 volt will be more stronger than 12 volt.any way he is right

  19. Тетяна Ковалишин

    but 18 or 24 volt will be more stronger than 12 volt.any way he is right

  20. You mention a “duty cycle” feature… How can I use a multimeter to find
    out the duty cycle… Assuming I already threw away de box and manual….

  21. Nice to hear this, rather than the “you can’t do any proper woodwork
    without Festool” approach that some others take – some of us struggle to
    afford this hobby and it’s nice to see that recognised. For sure the cheap
    tools usually aren’t as good as the expensive ones, but a router is a
    router, a drill is a drill (etc), and it’ll get the job done.
    When you start out, you need lots of tools in a short space of time. You
    can’t keep spending > $/£/€ 100 for each tool when you don’t truly know
    what features you are looking for and you aren’t even sure how much you’ll
    use it! If you buy cheap when starting out then you (OK, I) can actually
    afford to get into this hobby. If you then break that tool a few years down
    the line, then it’s probably because you used it a lot – you can now think
    about buying a better version with the exact features you are looking for
    (as you know what those are now!). For all those other tools which you
    don’t use much, you haven’t wasted money to get a premium tool that you
    rarely switch on.

  22. and they break too…

  23. I like inexpensive tools my self. but, I like high quality tools also. so
    am just cheap I do all my research find two types of the same tool that are
    of a high quality that I want. then buy used I have had very good luck with
    used high quality tools. I save money and get a high end tool is like the
    best of both worlds. o you can’t find a used version of the tool you want
    to purchase used or the prices for the high end tool is to high for your
    budget. I have a fix for you run a add for the tool you are looking to buy
    and the price you are willing to pay for it. it may sound like a lot of
    work but, if you have more time then money or trying to purchase a very
    high ticket items the savings is well worth the wait. just my 2 cents good
    luck to all of you in your tool hunt.

  24. very informative and easy to understand…..great explanation of basics

  25. Quality tools is what you should buy. Expensive tools can be over
    engineered and result in failure. Just like cheap tools.

  26. my dewalt has lasted 10 year and is still going astrong today

  27. And my Black & Decker circular saw is 40 years old and works like a champ

  28. make a table

  29. thankyou for your explanation … awesome

  30. use it till it catches fire and then back off five minutes

  31. I like this video,thank you

  32. This was great advice. It’s refreshing to to come across the ‘cheap tool’

  33. i like all types of tools

  34. Awesome advice. This helped me a lot when looking for basic carpentry tools
    for work. Thank you very much!!! Great advice.

  35. Angle grinder is the number one power tool in my workshop. But Iam a

  36. Are you canadian?

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