1. i could still see it.. maybe i had my xray filter on and i could see
    through the drywall :P

  2. Excellent, great job man!

  3. Most excellent job Busy Dad. Cool project for a weekend.

  4. Actually, I still see it. Just not all of it.

  5. Never heard of white wood. 

  6. Great idea!

  7. Simple and great idea! So no rails or stops to keep it aligned and from
    coming all the way out? I am guessing you don’t typically pull it all the
    way out right? Looks like it might be a little unstable if you had it
    pulled all the way out just because it is so tall.

  8. Great idea, but you should do a video that shows how you built it. I do
    carpentry, so just looking at this was good enough for me. Lots of people
    wouldn’t know where to start. Once again, really cool!

  9. Brilliant!

  10. It’s a man-pantry!! :D

  11. Great use of space! Of course, I knew you were smart right from the
    beginning. How?? You listened to your wife. lol… Sorry, couldn’t
    resist. ; ) Thanks for the video.

  12. would take up too much space for me. Looks nifty tho

  13. sweet idea hope your wife got some loving for her input! ;-)

  14. Awesome!
    Now I see how you built those shelves.

  15. HAHA!

  16. you may assist Simon with his demo cases ;-)

  17. very cool idea

  18. same idear as the RV pantry

  19. Poison spyder!!!!! Nice!!!!!!

  20. cool beans!

  21. great idea! Have you heard of Preppers storing thousands of cans of food on
    diagonal shelves behind false walls. There is an opening at the top to put
    the can and it rolls down to another opening to remove the can.

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