Bushcraft – How To Carve A Spoon From Wood.

Tools used in the video:
– Wetterlings Axe.
– Helle knife.
– Mora spoon knife (hook knife).
– Pencil.
– Patience.
– Sandpaper.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Rights of use:

Comin Round the Mountain:


  1. I am Swedish.

  2. Thank you guys for 200,000 views on this video.

  3. you deserve after all that time you put in this video 🙂

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  5. Sweg epic I sub

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  8. +Ryan wong Ke yuan Sure.

  9. you look so young
    you like like 18 or 19 years old

  10. +Jason Lopez I know, haha, i am 23.

  11. your smartness and creativity is like age 30

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    they are very cool

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    +NorthSurvival That was freaking awesome!!!!!!!

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  20. I feel so bad for you I’m just glad you dont have frost bite,you look so
    cold and your hands look like they are filled with pain!✳

  21. +Winter Edwards Haha, i am good, it was not that cold, but thanks.

  22. +NorthSurvival ok it just they looked so red I’m sorry but its just looked
    like it hurt and I’m glad your fine 🙂

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  24. You earned it

  25. +Robert Corbell My mom’s Norwegian and my dad’s Cherokee.

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    l’m syrian

  27. +سارة عبد I’m assyrian

  28. +Yunus Emre Ozkan One of my knives says Finlandia but I’m a yankee.. One of
    the best knives I’ve owned..

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  30. Now if I could figure out which tree is which so I could get wood to
    whittle, that would be extra great.

  31. +msprecha Haha, yes.

  32. Can you make a video about making a spoon or plate ? I know it sounds easy
    but it would be cool. If so please reply. Thx. Hålla upp bra vids

  33. +Blazing Sloth I make a spoon in this video.

  34. +NorthSurvival k thanks so much

  35. +NorthSurvival I meant fork 😝😝😝

  36. +Blazing Sloth hahah

  37. What were the grits of the sandpaper you used?

  38. I’m italian

  39. are you are garman??


  40. I don´t know, smooth and smoother, haha.

  41. Swedish

  42. wrong wood

  43. You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  44. does that spoon taste good

  45. the song made me laugh so hard

  46. Thank you very much my friend. You teach me very well. Great! Go on

  47. You say to use dry wood, other say fresh wood. Confused…

  48. its amazing!

  49. You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

  50. what wood are you using?

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