Building The Woodshop

This is about how I built my wood shop. We decided to move from our previous home for a variety of reasons. I saw the move as an opportunity to gain a bigger shop for my wood working hobby. The house we found had everything we wanted, except for a shop or even a garage. It did have a non functioning indoor pool. We thought this space would make a nice wood shop. I could just build a floor over the pool and have a shop. As we got further into the inspection process, it was looking as though fixing the structure over the pool was going to be expensive. It looked like we would have to put a bunch of money into a structure that was not really a wood shop and not a functioning pool either. It made more sense to take out the pool and structure, and then build a wood shop from the ground up. We started this project by regrading our side yard to gain access to the pool in the backyard. Once we had access, we took out the pool. We half filled the hole where the pool was with compacted gravel. I realized that if we sank the shop into the ground I could have the ceiling height I had always wanted in the shop and preserve the view from the house. The design of the shop is a box with a shed roof. The roof wraps down the east side of the structure. I like to think of it as a slightly open toolbox. The entire shop is laid out on a 24 inch grid. The windows and doors fall within this grid. I had a general contractor built the shell and then I built the windows and interior. The interior walls are comprised of a 34 inch concrete stem wall at the base. Above that is a 9 foot, plywood wall. In the space above the plywood wall and below the shed roof is poly carbonate panel to form a clerestory. The tool layout in the shop is divided into 4 areas: an area near the door for material storage and prep, a central area for general wood working, and two areas near the back of the shop, one for turning and one for metal working.

woodshop tour:

band saw video:

jointer video:


  1. Never would have thought a time-lapsed construction video would be so
    mesmerizing :)

  2. hellos what is the size of your workshop

  3. +albator france about 1200 sf

  4. Christopher Robertson

    Frank, your videography is amazing! Thank you!

  5. +Christopher Robertson thanks

  6. Now that’s a shop…!
    Great job.

  7. I second that. Your talent is amazing

  8. Amazing, you can create a whole new world in this wonderful place…

  9. Aren’t you worried about heavy rains flooding the shop floor?

  10. Very impressed by your videos. The time planning prepping and execution is
    evident and appreciate the in depth explanations on the projects, thanks
    for sharing.

  11. It would be nice to have a hydraulic platform to lift heavy stuff in and
    out of the shop. Amazing video!

  12. You could probably repurpose a tail lift from a truck.
    Would be nice to see some solar on the roof but doesn’t your roof face
    east, also i notices fairly large trees surrounding the area?
    I found it strange that there was no insulation under the floor, did i miss
    that part or do your feet get a bit cold during winter?
    Did you get any use out of the boulders that were removed? Would have made
    a nice landscape feature or i guess you could have sold them.
    Perhaps starting a ramp from the outside so that it meets floor level at
    the wall but that could cause problems with drainage and the door. I don’t
    remember seeing any drainage going in.
    Sorry for the criticism/ideas. The Shop looks amazing i am very jealous 🙂

  13. Swap out the metal work area for a video editing suite :D

  14. drains were put in the shop floor when it was poured.

  15. Great video.

  16. I have shop envy! Beautifully laid out space and features!

  17. Great shop. That’s my goal is to build a shop with a good light source and
    layout for a wood working area and a metal shop automotive area thanks for
    another interesting video. Guy

  18. feels like watching a funny web movie.

  19. awsome shop..awsome video..thank you

  20. That’s f’n beautiful man. Very functional. Love the animation.

  21. man bild a set of stairs that fit into each other and you can push them
    flat or pull them out mabe with a Motor ….

  22. ◘>◘ You get thousands of designs and styles of sheds! ◘< ◘ [ ] <<<<<<<

  23. Great job on the video, I enjoyed the animations of the blue prints
    especially. Beautiful shop, too, I got some ideas for when ever I get to
    build my own!

  24. A commendable architectural design.

  25. I just finished my workshop, but I wish I had seen your shop first. Really
    beautiful work.

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