1. First of all, I LOVE your videos!! I’ve been through about 80 of them, with no plans of stopping soon.

    Newbie question: doesn’t pine warp over time? Wouldn’t that make for a bad support for the shelves? Or am I missing a thing or two about how to select pine that doesn’t warp? I’ve got a couple of projects I’d like to make, but I’m afraid the wood will warp over time.

  2. I always have a hard time appreciating the strength of joints and connections in assembled works. I’m really glad you showed how the shelf could support your whole weight. It surprised me a lot, and was very informative.

  3. bromance !

  4. did you secure the shelf to the supports some how?

  5. +Tim Foster yeah it can warp but it depends on the project at hand, this case I would suspect since its a storage room with looks of stuff he is just looking to get off the floor he was not to concerned with it. Also have to take into account the length of the pieces these where fairly short so any warping that did occur would be almost unnoticeable.

  6. ông này làm mộc siêu giỏi

  7. it’s so cool how you make tools out of wood to make tools out of wood to make cool things out of wood

  8. I watched all the videos are great. I will imitate you 🙂

  9. Sleemans ….the good stuff!

  10. I’ve noticed that you use mortis and tenons and box joints a lot more than nails or screws. Is it because it looks nicer or is it better?

  11. Wooooo I never got so excited during a youtube video haha.

  12. +StegoSigma they are much stronger. He has some strength test videos on his channel.

  13. Maravilha!!!!!!!!

  14. You can cut tenons on this and this and this but no I’ll use pantorouter.Hahhahaha.Great project!

  15. hahhaha love it

  16. nice shelves, thanks for the great video

  17. Very nice job but, that sure was a lot of work for a $59 shelf unit at Lowes ¯__(ツ)__/¯

  18. awesome!

  19. Some of us just like diy and can decide how it will look.

  20. If your brother didnt like them, your welcome to be my brother. lol


  22. Best description of Matthias yet!! It always blows my mind when he uses nearly 100% machines that he built himself. It’s wild. Very talented and creative mind.

  23. Excellent wow Super very nice

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