Building a workshop door

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Footage of the construction of a new door for my workshop, made of cheap construction pine. The old door was falling apart so i couldn't postpone this any longer!
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  1. very great timothy

  2. Btw great build.

  3. Always a pleasure to watch you work.

  4. My dream is to have a shop like this, and custom work. Where I’m at, people
    just don’t want to pay for custom work like this.

  5. My dream is to have a shop like this and do custom work, where I’m at
    people don’t want to pay for custom work.

  6. Nice work! :)

  7. Jesus christ. How can you afford those tools?

  8. nice

  9. Nice workmanship and use of jigs to speed up production while maintaining
    required precision. Well worth the viewing!

  10. It’s clearly an investment, based on sound business practice. How can he
    not afford to have them when his livelihood depends on efficient use of
    quality machines?

  11. Whats the regulations on door glass where you are? It has to be toughened
    or laminated in the UK for safety.

  12. For personal use on a building that isn’t a house you can make it however
    you want. For anything else there are regulations but as I don’t do this
    type of work for customers I have no clue.

  13. Very well thought out and executed. Beautiful work.

  14. outstanding video……what tools …. what a pro!

  15. I like your dog too

  16. 2″ saddle board required now 8-()

    Beautiful Door.

  17. which machine are u using at 1:00

  18. It’s a jointer/planer combination machine.

  19. From all the time he saved by not using cheap tools!

  20. Nice simple stability modification to the router fence. I must try that
    (when I buy a decent router ;-)

  21. antonio gonzalez rivera

    Muy Buenas herramientas casi todas festool,Y Felder, Se ve que sabes lo que
    te haces buen trabajo.

  22. Timothy Wilmots

  23. Timothy Wilmots

  24. Craig Baynham-Evans

    I particularly like the Limbo dancing gap under the door Tim 😉 We would
    pay for that here in sunny Wales. All jokes aside fine work sir.

  25. the Wtf moments whats very funny hahaha i was too concentrated in your work

  26. btw very professional

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