Building a Traditional Shave Horse (or shaving horse)

We will be using the draw knife on several coming projects. The best way to use a draw knife is the hold the project securely using a shavehorse. My son and I show you how you can easily build your own!

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  1. This video was informative and I think you.  Your son made this video even more enjoyable.  He is a great gift in your life, I admire your patience and time with him.

  2. You should also get yourself a spokeshave or two.

  3. Right there with you on learning self sufficiency skills in woodworking. Check out my site for some making on the trail

  4. Another great video and a beautiful little helper buddy! Keep it up! I noticed that wood holder in your video, I really need to build something like that for my ever changing work area. I’m also very much getting into the idea of restoring old axes and rehanging them. I’m just getting ready to put up a video on an old Plumb boys axe I just finished with a store bought handle. – Paul

  5. +The Griffin Benchmark Cool paul let me know when it’s up and ill check it out!

  6. I’ll do that! It’s only the second axe hanging I’ve ever done so I’m sure others will have advise for me. 🙂

  7. You are a good dad.

  8. +Chris Mahar Thanks Chris!

  9. wonderful father and son project

  10. 😉

  11. Your boys voice is adorable. Love the channel!

  12. yr little kid very hard working

  13. Very good video, learned a lot. You are the epitome of how a father should share his time and knowledge with his son and expose him to hands on techniques so he can be self sufficient when he grows up. Your son will always love and respect you. I am proud for you. God bless.

  14. Robert Langley thank you sir! appreciate the comments!

  15. what a great little boy, I liked the inspection, and the need to put his piece of dowel in every hole he could find. haha

  16. Quebecois?

  17. Awesome father/son time!! Way to be a dad!!

  18. Keep up the good work, with your son and with your woodworking!

  19. What language is that?

  20. I have been making walking sticks since I was 7 or 8 and the bark on the branches is always a pain in the but to take off and I always wanted to rather get one or make one and I am so happy that I finally found a video on how to make the one THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much

  21. this is the first of many videos im watching of you i learned a lot think you keep up to good work

  22. BIG thumbs up for Zach the cutie pie! 🙂

  23. Un buen trabajo, pero nada comparable con tu ayudante, es fantástico!!!

  24. obrigado amigo!

  25. I wish YouTube allows two likes. Therefore one like is hardly enough for Zack. So there you go.

  26. Nice shaving horse. But the most impressive part of the video was a father working with his child. Good for you.

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