Building a Solid Woodworking Workbench from cheap lumber

In this video I'm building a solid workbench for woodworking. I made it of construction grade timber, things I got for free and some plywood. I'm using mortise and tenon joinery and drawboring. There are some small things left that I need to complete and I will make an update video when those things are in place. This is a really heavy workbench especially when all the drawers and cabinets are filled with tools and stuff.

I basically used a table saw, japanese hand saw and a regular No. 4 handplane. It took a lot of elbow grease but it was a good practice using hand saws. The workbench top is made of an old solid hardwood coffe table I was lucky to get for free. It's not dead flat but pretty close I would say. I installed a small Veritas inset vise at the one end of the table and I am planning to add a vise at the left side as well but for now I just use my portable vise.

If you want to build this workbench yourself I have plans available on my site (see the top of this description) You should be able to build it with just hand tools but a table saw will ease up things dramatically.

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  1. Gareth Dirlam (Chesapeake Farm Interiors)

    Whats that, like four hundred dollars worth of clamps? They looked mighty

  2. I have some nice Bessey clamps which are nice, but the other 3-5 dollar
    clamps works fine too. Even though the Bessey clamps are nice the price is
    way too high.

  3. Gareth Dirlam (Chesapeake Farm Interiors)

    That it is, I have their medium duty clamps, got them on sale for 40% off,
    was still too much. But you have the nice ones. Nice build BTW.

  4. Yes, I just buy one at the time so It’s more a collection. I’m actually a
    worried to get glue on them lol… Thanks.

  5. Gareth Dirlam (Chesapeake Farm Interiors)

    At the price of those things, I bet you are.

  6. Dominic Del Principe

    salt? Great build!

  7. Dominic Del Principe

    Hey thanks for the answer… was wondering what the salt was for… guess I
    should have clarified that!

  8. To prevent the boards from sliding around while clamping

  9. Thank you Dominic, I really appreciate every single comment I get. My goal
    is to answer every comment as far as it is possible. Glad you found my
    video useful. Working on a which I will publish tomorrow, I hope you will
    find that video useful as well. Thanks for the five stars 🙂

  10. Dominic Del Principe

    Ha! No prob. You’re clearly very good at what you do. Kudos.

  11. Show :D

  12. What is with Europeans and everything they build being miniature?

  13. At 3:00 you strew something on the glue.
    I think it was no salt. Maybe sand?
    What was it, and why?

  14. It’s salt, just regular table salt. It’s used to prevent the components of
    a glue up from sliding around when first clamping them together (which
    every woodworker hates). It doesn’t affect the strength of the bond.

  15. Lack of space, man.

  16. Yeah I know. It must suck.

  17. +Tjalling
    Was thinking something like that, but I was thinking it could affect the
    chemical composition of the glue.
    I would have chosen bird sand, when I had to invent something against

  18. That seems like a good option too. But the salt really doesn’t affect the
    glue, don’t worry.

  19. big isn’t always best…though when working with wood, my wife tells me
    this is true.

  20. I’d never be able to do anything like this. I couldn’t build a plug for a
    dogs arse if I had a blueprint!

  21. impressive workbench! Nice build, defenitily a 👍 and an abo!
    drop by @ my channel, would bei happy 🔨

  22. Salting the glue like a champ!!

  23. +Ikechukwu Joseph
    I have my mind set on the Shaper Origin.
    It needs less space, and the material you’re working on can be as big as
    you want.
    But it doesn’t work automatically, though…
    And it can’t carve like the Smart Saw does, yet.

  24. advice only its better you buy electrical plainer 😊😊😊

  25. hugo ricardo ortiz valdivia

    falta indicar las medidas del

  26. how did you buy the bench vise

  27. مبارك الرقيبي

    wow !!!! i appreciate your work ..great job ! im from morocco i like

  28. Sebastian der Große

    how much u can sell it

  29. His plan was to have a “wice hair,” but for now, he’ll just use the
    portable wice.

  30. Franks

  31. The end result is great! Nice work!
    I’m also working on two projects I’ve got from Toms Magic Wood (just google
    it) and I hope I can finish them soon and maybe someday I’ll be able to
    make my own videos.

  32. Dieter amazing workbench. Would you mind subscribing to my channel as well.

  33. why would I need to buy the plans? Just by looking at the video, I’m pretty
    sure I can make the bench at least 90% accurate… Nice job though

  34. !!!!!!!

  35. Para las medidas hay que comprar sus planos… no todo es gratis…

  36. nice work

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