1. So, apart from intel losing their minds, what else have I missed? lol >_<

  2. She is back!


  4. *_Is Lauren back?_* *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  5. I know I’m not the only one thinking it. But please do ASMR videos as a sideline? 🙈

  6. She’s back!!!

  7. Glad you’re back. I never lost hope.

  8. Yes the random construction video will be fine :)!

  9. TastyDIY FTW! 😛 Welcome back to the u-tubes! Can’t wait for those videos!

    P.S. I’d give your brick laying the ‘Creamy’ award.

  10. dude…..you would earn a fortune doing ASMR

  11. No way, the Creamy award is meant for things that are extravagant, I’d give myself the “Sweet & Sour” award, for “well you tried” lol x’D

  12. C’mon, it’s not bad at all + respect for doing it yourself. 💪

  13. Build logs are always interesting. You’re a clever person so you can totally do this. Let it take as much time as it needs to make it right. 🙂

  14. I have always laughed at “never clicked anything faster” comments…but this time I am guilty…Welcome back Lauren!!

  15. the reports of her demise were greatly exaggerated

  16. (black n’ white scene)
    She’s alive! She’s ALIVE! SHE’S ALIVE!
    (thunderstorm in background)

  17. American here, I love the way you pronounce water

  18. No apology necessary. You really don’t owe any of us anything. That said, it’s good to see you back, and I hope you are able to continue uploading content in the future. The most important thing is focusing on taking care of yourself, and remember that no matter how long you may go without uploading a video, the community will ALWAYS welcome you back and support your content. Good luck!

  19. I’m more amused by gar-age compared to ga-rage

  20. German here: we say ga-ra-guh. So three syllables,
    “guh” like in Porsche, It is not pronounced “porsh”, but porsh-uh.

  21. Yes, she’s alive. People, one must realize that real life does, and will, take precedent over everything. When she has time, she’ll get us the videos and information we want and need. Cheers, love, we’ll see you when time allows. Keep tough and carry on. God Bless!

  22. jules Latimer same here 😅

  23. You should title this series: “How to build a Tasty workshop.”

  24. Prashant Chaudhary

    same here 😀

  25. Prashant Chaudhary

    god bless youtube for this notification, i wasnt expecting any new videos from her considering her punctuality

  26. あかつきチャンネル

    no thats her alter ego LAURA

  27. She already does.

    jules Latimer- Same here too.

  28. Judging by the popularity of Linus’s moving/renovation vlogs, I’d say they’d be quite popular too. Great way to bring the masses back to the channel.

  29. (flooding in the garage)

  30. Just gimme my $200

    Gay-rage lol

  31. Amen to that, every word of it.

  32. whats ASMR?

  33. That’s how everyone in the South/South East of the UK says it 😛

  34. You took my comment way too seriously, white knight…

  35. Define “back” as it tends to be one or two videos then elongated absence.

  36. addictedtopiano I always get crazy worried when youtubers FALL off. So glad she uploaded.

  37. DrOrtmeyer nah I hate Apple just my opinion

  38. Ros we say it worter why is that strange I think waaaaater is

  39. ByteGuy oh Well. I like macs myself, But the iPhone… planned obsolescence… *blood pressure rises*

  40. not much. Intel is still losing it. Keep at it. Don’t worry about video timing, just make them when you can and have fun doing it.

  41. Five star gold award. Remember that? Corsair c70 brick laying ftw

  42. Hey everyone, I’m still here!!

    Sorry, I’ve been posting updates of my progress to twitter, but I’ll keep this post updated as well from now on! So that you know what’s going on if you don’t follow me on twitter. 🙂

    ~ From the 9th to the 31st of October:
    I’m sorry, I wasn’t keeping track here of when everything happened as I didn’t expect it to take this long for me to be able to get the next video update done.
    But to summarize:
    I managed to get the money to buy all of the electrical parts and contact an electrician. However he ended up messing me around, so I then had to book a second electrician to come out and give me a quote, who then also messed me around..

    ~ The 23rd of October:
    Whilst I was waiting to hear back from the second electrician, I spent a couple of days drawing my garage in SketchUp, so that not only would it be easier to visualise the work ahead, but also so that the next video visually has an extra dimension to it. 🙂

    ~ The 31st of October:
    The third electrician is booked to come tomorrow to give me a quote, the first 2 never got back to me. So much time wasted. -_-
    I did manage to get a quote for getting a new door fitted though!! It’ll be £850. So I now have the next target to start saving for. 🙂

    ~ The 2nd of November:
    I want to say a huge, massive thank you to everyone who has supported the channel by donating. I know that I don’t deserve it at all. But it is thanks to you that I’m able to not only afford to get all of the electrics and lighting done, but now also afford to get the new door installed too!! I really can’t thank you all enough. <3

    ~ The 4th of November:
    Third electrician lucky!! He is coming round on the 9th to install the power and lighting!! 😀

    ~ The 9th of November:
    The electrician’s just arrived!! Woop! ^-^ 🔌⚡️💡

    ~ The 14th of November:
    Okay so even though I’m supposed to be uploading as many videos as I possibly can.. I’ve decided to combine the garage electrics video and the door installation video, as I think that it just makes a much better start to the video series that way!
    As then everything that I need to get contractors out to do is confined to the first video, just because I don’t feel comfortable imposing on them by filming them, so I’ll only really have before and after shots to show you.
    ETA wise, the builders won’t be coming to fit the door until this weekend though, so the video won’t be up until next week. :/

    ~ The 17th of November:
    The builders were meant to be starting work on installing the door today. However it turns out that they haven’t received the door from the supplier yet, so now they’re not going to be starting until next Thursday. 😭

    ~ The 23rd of November:
    The builders started work on installing the door today…

    ~ The 24th of November:
    And the builders are done!!! I now have a nice new door fitted!! ^-^ 🎇🎉✨🚪🗝✨🎊🎇
    ~ now begins the couple of days of trying to clear up all of this brick dust lol.😊

    ~ The 15th of December:
    After cleaning the garage, the final thing that I needed to do to be happy to make this video, was to treat the new door. However thanks to the recent cold/wet weather in England meaning that I couldn't treat it, plus not being able to afford the wood stains anyways the door went untreated and across the last fortnight has slowly expanded and now no longer fits in its frame. It won't close at all. 😖
    Also the hinges have completely rusted over! (Bad batch apparently...) 😑
    ...Anyway what's happening now, is that door has been taken off its hinges and brought into the garage to dry. I've been told to give it at least 2 days to fully dry out before I can treat it. And that it has to be treated before it can go back in its frame. Unfortunately it's going to be a while before I can afford to buy the necessary wood stains/treatments, and in the meantime I just have a big hole in the side of the garage. 😓
    At least the builders are replacing the hinges free of charge though! 😅

  43. TastyPCTV MAKE ASMR VIDEOOSSSS you would earn a lot more ! PRETTY PLEASE! also you are a great woman , i wish more women were like you !!

  44. You are more beautiful and smarter than most people I am familiar with

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