Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

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This week I build indiviudal holders for each one of my power tools so that I can store them on a French cleat system


  1. Sponsored by Triton tools? I thought you just had an affinity for orange
    lol. I cant say I have ever used a single Triton tool, they aren’t really
    sold in my area.

  2. its a joke, no ?

  3. Ha!

  4. Disappointed in the weak latching system.

  5. Feel free to change it on yours. I’ve been using this latching system for
    four years and it’s held up great, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

  6. +April Wilkerson u are a so cute with those power tools. From here, from
    România i like u

  7. +Talladega Dude
    Rockler and Home Depot don’t carry them in my area

  8. Hmmmm. Sabatoogy!

  9. My local Rockler only carries Porter Cable and Festool

  10. +April Wilkerson
    For safety-fans: add an additional small latch to the wall right above the
    existing one, so the box/holder can be slided sidewards underneath it to
    fasten the box/holder (hard to describe for a non-native speaker :] )

  11. I’ve never even heard of them.

  12. Moises Albuquerque

    +alphons bretagne como faço pra comprar suas máquinas?

  13. alphons bretagne

    +Moises Albuquerque
    Where I buy my machines (if google translated correct) ? At auctions,
    local and web stores. But still a lot missing (even a really suitable
    room). Just started with some “wood-knowledge” of that time when trying out
    civil engineering and a head full of ideas and plans 🙂

    But you probably doesn’t referring to me, right?

  14. Ummm, why have a steam iron in the shop?

  15. Brilliant!

  16. +Jensen Healey also, you can use steam to repair dents in wood.

  17. *Insert misogynist joke about women and ironing here*

  18. This is my first hour in the channel, I saw The most amazing, talented,
    handy lady I’ve ever seen in my life, just unbelievable

  19. Wow! That is very impressive and organize you did a great job :)

  20. yeah, don’t be that guy man.

  21. Laminating

  22. Angel Roberto Sánchez Pérez


  23. Nice job and cute as well. ;o)

  24. Barney’s right. An iron is used to steam out small dents in wood – when the
    fibres have not been damaged but you have a small indent caused by a
    misaimed hammer blow lol.

  25. untill right now i didn’t even know Triton tools existed, compared to
    bigger brand names how do you think these compare?

  26. Calm down.

  27. lots of power tools for wood working, I like them though

  28. Hello April, That is very nice idea and I love the french cleat
    system…..I do have one concern to the location of your french cleat tool
    storage…..its dust build up into the chargers……I personally prefer
    them up a little higher below the work surface area so the dust will
    hopefully settle below….please don’t mind me saying this…just my
    opinion….thanks and love seeing your video’s. Keep up the great work…

  29. awesome

  30. love it! a great idea lot more economical and looks great

  31. I’ve never seen or ever heard of Triton I though some of your drills where

  32. im in Vegas never heard or seen them but apperantly theyre pretty good
    long-lasting tools..

  33. April, what camera are you using? I need a new camera.

  34. must be nice to get free tools! 🙂 I’m jealous!!! Your shop looks
    nice…..:) Thanks for sharing!

  35. Amazing! very impressive and I’m inspired by your skills! I’m going to try

  36. You may want to redesign the top hold down on your pull out battery
    chargers, its looks like you are obstructing the top air vents on the
    units. Love the idea of the French cleat system for tool storage.

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