Building a Festool Saw Track for Cheap | HOW TO | Basic Eqipment

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Making a cheap yet very functional and accurate rail for my festool track saw. To make this project a little more appealing I did only use very basic woodworking equipment. A router and a circular saw.
A rail of this kind will also work with almost any normal circular saw.


  1. Really like the detail you put into this, two sided tape for the splinter guard is genius.

  2. Thanks and good job. I have a couple of these with hardboard as the bottom and a U channel acting as the guide. However, it is the edge that butts up the circular saw it does not track in the grove. Your version is good for the no chip out. This version would be used when that is not important. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Look at my Parallel Guided Power Saw

  4. What is it you have on your saw that allows it to work with the tracks?

  5. +Cosmas B very funny

  6. “What makes it work with the track” it’s a saw on a track. There is no specific thing that makes it work with a track. Some saws don’t have the slot so they wouldn’t work with this track. So if anything the slot makes the saw work with with the track. Don’t know what’s funny about that.

  7. +Cosmas B Ok let me try again. I see you have more than one saw. What kind of saws do you have that have slots that allow them to work on tracks?

  8. What kind of saws?? Well saws with slots… I don’t know. There are some that have a slot and there are some that don’t.

  9. Mohamed Boulayoun

    Makita visseuse

  10. changeindirection

    Hi. Thank you for showing how you did this. Can anyone tell me what the splinter guard does? Why couldn’t you just use the edge of the plywood and cut it off the first time through?

  11. You can replace the edge when it’s worn out.

  12. changeindirection

    OK, I understand. Amazing work!

  13. Great explanation and perfect for on site work. Thanks for sharing. Hope your finger is better.

  14. “I didn’t want to pay the money…”
    Lies. Anyone who buys Festool obviously loves spending money. But the track is nice!

  15. I couldn’t help but crack up at painting with ear protection but no mask! Love your videos.

  16. Safety first!

  17. +Cosmas
    LOL cheers

  18. Great video, thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. hab festgesatellt das sich zum Alu schneiden bohren und gewindeschneiden mit Lampenöl die saubersten Ergebnise erzielen lassen

  20. I like the idea of not having to use clamps.

  21. You’re right, basic saws do NOT have that rabbit so you’d have to make an auxillary base with a rabbited slot.

  22. Hi, kannst du mal eine Bezugsquelle für das Aluprofil nennen? Ich habe noch keine passende gefunden. Oder alternativ die genauen Abmessungen des Profils. 15mm waren zu schmal und 16mm gibt es kaum und 16,4mm könnte schon zu breit sein?!

  23. Wunderbar gemacht, gratuliere!

  24. Eshwarallaha Yogalingam

    is this really very basic equipment?

  25. Probably not if you are a cook.

  26. Basic Equipment, table saw router? It occurs to me that someone needs a track saw because they dont have a table saw…

  27. Yeah as I said. Very basic equipment.

  28. And Im saying its not basic equipment.

  29. There’s lots of saws that have the slot on the base to allow you to build a track like this. before buying a saw, check that the slot is present. PS a nice coat of bees wax would make the saw slide much nicer

  30. Excellent. No, even better than excellent. AUSGEZEICHNET!! And it’s painted Festool green.

  31. This time I’ll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

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