BUILD: Hardware Organizer

Simple cheap wall mounted hardware & parts organizer.

The design allows for easy batch assembly, low cost lumber, customization of bin size, and easy future expansion.

The material used could vary, but for the video I used 1x4s(3), 2×4(1) and about a quarter sheet (2'x4') of 5mm underlayment to make 18 4" wide bins which easily hold a full standard size box of screws.

This was made on the cheap with materials I already had on hand, but probably less than $15 total cost for the materials I used if you needed to buy it all.

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  1. killer efficiency. I really like the hold down clamp on the table saw sled.

  2. Muito bom……parabens…

  3. Vintage Wood Workshop

    great build and editing!

  4. I like it too! Something even I can make.

  5. Thank you!

  6. Awesome job!

  7. amazing.. tnks

  8. +m Lops Thanks!

  9. nice but did you save some money building them

  10. Cool !

  11. Great idea! On my next project list. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  12. Excelente! muy bueno.

  13. Frabcesco D'Antonio

    molto bravo

  14. Hey, very nicely done! Good work!

  15. Ingeneous

  16. Nice !!!

  17. You sure do use a lot of glue

  18. Петро Василишин


  19. это шедевр-ручная работа-как купить….

  20. Nice storage solution! Neatly batched out cubbies.

  21. +Sebastiaan Mollema Thanks!

  22. Very nice project. What do you think about cutting slots into the long
    panels before the glue up and then sliding in?

  23. Muito bom, vai servir de modelo para eu fazer na minha loja, nice!!!!

  24. Derrin Eckelmann

  25. Jose Carvalho Hariri boumidine

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