1. What is the white screen material please?

  2. this video would be better if the flirty banter at the beginning was not so
    obvious. made me uncomfortable and not want to watch any further. i was
    interested in watching this project till then. maybe next time just let the
    guy do the project, with out the flirting.

  3. +Chun Yi Chow sheets work great!

  4. Amazing. A DIY video that doesn’t really show you how to do anything. It
    would’ve been nice to have had dimensions, parts lists, materials lists,
    explanations on what everything is for. Otherwise its just a video about
    two guys flirting with each other.

  5. +lambel family I didnt catch all that. which one was the “flirty banter” as
    you call it?

  6. This looks HORRIBLE. The wavy parts will make movies unbearable to watch.
    For every wave you create a warped image and/or shadows.

  7. It’s funny how some people say “dot cum”

  8. geeze. the screen is the most important part. you def dont want wrinkles or
    folds in it .

  9. +Chun Yi Chow blackout cloth. joannes fabric sells it

  10. Forrest Campbell

    What was the material used for the screen?

  11. Sponsored by Chevrolet, bad acting and horrible anniversary gifts.

  12. that 16′ x9′ will not be a ratio of 16:9 for widescreen hd

  13. that 16′ x9′ will not be a ratio of 16:9 for widescreen hd

  14. fail. its wrinkeled

  15. Skipped half of this, hated the rest. Best part was the hipster idiot at
    the end thinking I wanted to watch more of his awful videos, which I assume
    are subliminal ads for hair products, skin cream and AIDS tests.

  16. this was so funny to watch honestly

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