Build a Workbench – Build it with Bosch

Alan Holtham shows you how to build a classic woodworking bench using just a few power and hand tools.

This is the first in the 'Build it with Bosch' Project series.


  1. Массив Дуба | Solid Oak

    Excellent work. Great video. Thanks!

  2. I agree, its very good considering the tools he used.
    I wonder how surprized he will be and what quality work he can produce
    using Festool

  3. Bosch tools on sale now on

  4. alan, what do you call that handle where you attached your electric drill?


  6. Working with steel bar looks so much easier compared to this :-/

  7. Bosch DP 500 Drill Stand.

  8. “A few basic hand and power tools”… Interesting use of the word “few”, I
    count 2 drills, a power screwdriver, 2 routers, a circular saw, a mitre
    saw, a sander, jigsaw and drill stand… not to mention all the hand tools

  9. Anders Vendelkær Petersen

    Can anyone give me a link to where I can find the plans?

  10. beautiful woodworking bench. excellent job.

  11. great work!

  12. Brilliant, Thank You,
    All those years of doing woodwork on wobbly kitchen tables may finally be
    over, and perfectly demonstrated by Alan in a clear, calm and very
    reasuring manner, helping me believe I could almost build one too !

  13. *>>> This is an easy woodworking project for beginners! < <<* >>>

  14. 5 Tips You Absolutely Must Know Before Starting Any Project

  15. “This will give you a really neat, square finish” while making a 1/4 round

  16. Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe)

    So all you need is about £1500’s worth of power tools and ready planed and
    squared stock. Seems simple enough.

  17. Jonathan Francisco (Nathan)

    at the intro. i thought i have gone fucking deaf. stop scaring meeeeeeeeee

  18. So simple…. Just buy every fucking Bosch tool out there for $20,000

  19. Haha exactly, people want to make their own workbench to keep it in budget,
    and he requires £1000 power tools first. It is the same as telling me “I
    will now show you how to make your own car, but first buy a Ferrari for
    parts xD

  20. Although I don’t own the majority of the power tools mentioned . Its still
    a great design , Thanks

  21. point taken. To built almost any sort of bench or table you will need a
    drill, a mitre saw, a table saw, and a set of long extension clamps.

  22. Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe)

    +bbookzable Not true…there are these things called ‘saws’ that you use
    with your hand that do the same thing.

  23. could you please give a website or anything like that than facebook? thx

  24. He never said that it was impossible to do with hand tools. But I wouldn’t
    spend the effort to build one if I was too poor and lazy to buy a few power

    And ready planed stock is how most people buy wood. Only people who have
    the power tools to plane timber them self (and idiots) by non-planed stock.

  25. Those are basic tools and a few. You may have a different view on the
    matter, but I agree with his choice of words.

  26. Tools required for this job

    GOF 1600 CE: 383,30 €
    GKS 190: 111,94 €
    GCM 10 SD: 801,92 €
    GKF 600: 210,55 €
    GSB 19-2 RE: 142,92 €
    GSR 14-4: 160,90 €
    DP 500: 129,38 €
    GEX 150 AC: 170,48 €
    GST 160 BCE: 220,89 €
    Total: 2332,28 €

    So basically you need a fully equipped workshop (which probably contains a
    workbench) to build this thing.

    Sounds a little bit like a chicken and egg situation.

  27. I’ve been to the Facebook page but can’t find the plans…

  28. Hello there
    Are you the author of the length width and height dimensions table.

  29. now that’s what i call the modern day perfect furniture artist….Bravo!!

  30. Can’t seem to find any plans on FB. Can you please share?

  31. many thanks! Will look into making this bench my excuse for picking up a
    handful of Bosch tools!

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