Build A Woodworking Workbench for $110 USD

I finally got around to building a nice workbench. Plans and more info here:

Tools in my shop (If you buy through these links it supports my channel! Thank you! ):
Bandsaw –
Bevel gauge (t-bevel) –
Bluetooth adapter –
Dado blade –
Dewalt planer –
Dewalt sander –
Dewalt countersink –
Dovetail gauge –
Eclipse quick release vise –
Engineer square –
Festool Domino –
Forstner bit –
Glu-Bot glue bottle –
Gyokucho 372 japanese pull saw –
Irwin Marples 10" blade –
Kreg K4 –
Kreg DB210 pocket hole machine –
Kreg Mini –
Marble router bit or drill bit –
Megapro NAS Driver –
Milwaukee plunge router –
Mp3 earmuffs –
Narex marking knife –
Ridgid miter saw –
Rustic pine Briwax –
Ryobi 18v brad nailer –
SawStop titanium series blade –
Scraper BAHCO –
12" speed square –
T-bevel (bevel gauge) –
Table top hold down clips –
Tudor brown briwax –
Wax brush wheel for drill –
Wood glue –
Woodriver #4-1/2 –
Woodriver #62 –

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  1. For some reason a lot of people are upset over the type of tools I used to complete the workbench. I shouldn’t even have to say this but a hand saw, chisel, and hand plane can complete the same task. So why did I not use only those tools instead? Because the best tool for the task is the most efficient tool you have access to. The same people who are complaining about the tools I used to make my job easier probably use a vehicle of some kind for transportation instead of using their legs. Do you complain to gas stations about cheap gas prices being misleading because they only go in expensive vehicles? Of course not. You can use the gas in lesser expensive vehicles as well and still get to the same destination.

    After 1 year the workbench is holding up great. I’m very pleased with using pine for the workbench. I just shot an in depth 1 year review video on the workbench on my second channel. I went into detail on everything so it’s just under an hour long. Don’t click unless you wan’t an in depth conversation:

  2. About how many 2x10s did you start out with? Wanna build this but wanna buy wood and get it drying for a while

  3. Good job! Thank you. I’m a bit concerned I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the lifting as that thing looks heavy, especially as it nears completion.

  4. Excellent video one of the best on you tube, you can really work fast in certain instances. I would suggest geting you brother to help with the heavy lifting. Correct to make the best video on you tube.

  5. Jay Bates, boa tarde!
    Gosto de ver vídeos de Carpintaria, assim descobrir o seu canal, gostei muito dessa bancada de carpinteiro.
    Preciso fazer uma para mim, acho que vou usa-la como modelo, ela ficou muito boa.
    Já pesquisei muito no youtube sobre bancadas de carpinteiro, mais a sua é de longe a melhor que já encontrei.
    Um grande abraço!

  6. i can see it was built with very little hand tools ???????,,???

  7. TheForgeConsultants

    hey Jay, quick question brother-

    Is there a reason you put your boards through the planer at an angle? just curious if this is a matter of convenience/space or if it serves some other purpose

    thanks mate,

  8. So seriously impressed with this. The workbench. The video and editing. The sweet music and sound effects. I’m so impressed I will even forgive you for being a Redwings fan.

  9. It’s beautiful

  10. Just go out in the woods, get like 2 or 3 logs, go to a place that has a table saw and boom. Free wood.

  11. Been watching a lot of these wanting to build bench of my own. Why does everyone use 2×4 glued together for the legs vs just using a 4×4? Is it stronger this way or more cost effective? Jw. Would love to have the workmanship of this man.

  12. Availability. I don’t have access to non treated 4×4 posts. Also, I went larger than the standard 4×4 size.

  13. What if I don’t have access to woods that I’m allowed to take from or a place with a saw capable of cutting those logs? I’ve never seen a place that has a saw capable of processing logs that was free.

  14. hahhahahah. Lets Go Red Wings!

  15. Angled so that the point of the board contacts the rollers first and is less abrupt which will reduce the effects of snipe slightly.

  16. Great inspiration Jay, love following your work! I’ll build one one day according to your plans

  17. Solid stuff, both the video and the bench itself. I don’t have a planer nor a jointer to do all that. Just a mitre saw and drills.

  18. Great build, awesome editing, GO WINGS!

  19. Nice editing.

  20. Great video. Great bench.

  21. Christopher Ramsdell

    your editing skills rival your woodworking skills – nice going!

  22. Not sure how I got here but great quality video. I watched the whole thing

  23. Blz!!!,Brother,Amém,

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