Build a simple shop storage cabinet

Here's an easy storage cabinet you can build for your wood shop. I made this one with 3/4" plywood. Easily adaptable for anything you want to store.


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  1. That’s coz you’re so awesome :)

  2. I wish you could stop skipping stuff. how did you make sure the back fit
    like that. I’m so confused.

  3. Oh my god. I know that problems too. Cause i´m a hoarder too. 😉 Wood,
    sheetmetal, piping and truckloads of other stuff. 😀 I´m so thankful that
    my better half doesn´t go into the basement because she would kill me :D

  4. he measured and used a saw

  5. very nice work, thanks for sharing!

  6. +stewart c that’s funny

  7. I know you can make it to any spec you desire, but could you list the specs
    for this particular cabinet? Looks simple enough but it would help in wood
    purchasing. Thanks.

  8. great job and I like your new saw. The question is is there anything in
    place to stop the drawers from coming out when pulled too far ? I’m making
    a video right now on my workbench, were I’m
    putting a drawer cabinet underneath and still deciding on buying drawer
    slides or doing what you did ?

  9. idol ! idol! idol!

  10. But…
    I might be able to use that splinter of wood in a project some time in the
    next 15 years!

  11. As always, I enjoy learning from your channel. Only thing that still
    baffles me is how ‘rebate’ can become ‘rabbit”
    One is a small small furry animal with long ears much like Bugs Bunny, the
    other is a wood cut for seating wood pieces

  12. Good thing you hoard pieces of wood because it is so expensive that… it
    does not grow on trees anymore…ahem.

  13. Your funny. Love your humor.

  14. Im building the project, did the runners and moving on to the Rabbetts. you
    make it clear that its 3/4 in but not how high you set your blade. im going
    to do it 1/4 and see how it turns out.

  15. This video is about farting in a market

  16. me too steve. me too.

  17. Lol me too , I’ve got more timber than my local saw mill

  18. The guys who bought you a saw Thumbs up to those guys , ( Very Kind of them
    , helping a fellow woodworker )

  19. “Boarders”

  20. measure diagonally, Make sure that both measure the same. this ensures the
    box is square.

  21. nice video.
    I’m wondering if the drawers would slide well enough with a lot of weight
    in them?
    I want to build a mechanics tool box and will be putting lots of heavy
    tools in it…

  22. Above the Garage Woodworking

    Love this project! I may have to build one for my shop!

  23. what tool did you use to make the daydos or w.e. you call em

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