Build a Simple 2×4 Workbench

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A big thanks to Nick Ferry for doing the special effect at the end. ; )

My dad really needed a workbench for his garage and asked if it was something I wanted to build. : ) Of course I said yes. So here I show you how to build a very simple but sturdy eight foot workbench out of only 2x4s and plywood. I added pegboard only at the top because my dad wanted to have a space where he could reach the workbench surface from either side. However, you could very easily add a full sheet of pegboard instead and have it go all the way down to the workbench surface. Don't forget I have a set of plans, where I walk you through step by step, on my website if you want to build one!

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Things I used:
Circular Saw:
Drill and Impact:
Glue Bottle:


  1. Vishnu Devarashetty

    What is the website for the plans?

  2. Check out the description of the video. : )

  3. a few hour job into two days . ouch

  4. A big pat on the back to you sir! Criticizing somebody who is using their hands to build something that’s needed….you are something.

  5. A few hours of video, taken in just two days. Nice! πŸ™‚

  6. April Wilkerson

  7. April Wilkerson

  8. Dang, you sure aint got a problem sticking up for yourself. Damn good job πŸ˜€ Keep at what you’re doing you’re great at it ^^

  9. there is nothing better than family time.. i enjoyed your post…
    keep it up.. from a guy in iowa with 2 silly labs.

  10. My daughter and I finally attempted our first major project…. your workbench! She’s 13 and we are just starting to build together! It turned out pretty good! We are hooked! Thanks!!

  11. Aw that’s awesome to hear. : ) Big high five to both of you.

  12. How the heck does our society reward a stupid channel like Jake Paul so much. Great channels like this one (way more personally rewarding) should get more recognition. I’m really glad I was able to find your channel.


  13. With a woman like you, your dad and you are lucky people.

  14. Gosh! a daughter like this will make me cry.

  15. Very nice working with you dad. Table simple and serves it’s purpose. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘

  16. Awesome video April.ive new watching your videos as of this week.your work is great.and this video was like watching my dad and me work togther❀

  17. Thank you for sharing this.

  18. I cant wait till my daughter gets to the age when I can start introducing her to tools. I am thinking she has the desire to follow her father into martial arts and remodeling. Great daughter and father video April. Thanks.

  19. Great looking workbench, love the clothespin trick.

  20. Awesome that you did this with/for your dad. Lot of love going on, and that’s great.

  21. I am loving your videos !!

  22. Damn loving seeing you work

  23. You can come and build one at my house anytime 😁

  24. fantastic make btw what’s the story with the pegs lol

  25. That bottle opener is so cool.

  26. “So you gonna paint it for me to?”
    Great timing

  27. Is there a link to the table saw?

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