Build a lumber storage cart for your workshop

Here's a rolling cart for storing lumber, plywood, and other sheet goods in your workshop. I made this to take up as little space as possible, yet hold a lot of wood. Free plans:

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  1. I live in a high humidity area. Should I paint or stain?

  2. Built it. Love it! Great plans and cut out scheme. Thanks!

  3. Steve. Something I appreciate about your videos aside from the plans, info
    and tips is the simple fact that you keep things lively and therefore I
    don’t fall asleep.
    I appreciate your work.

  4. Love it! Love your humor! Loved the trick using the wood clamp to keep the
    shelf upright.

  5. is that a 78 in ur driveway?

  6. +XxAK_Gam3rxX ’76

  7. hey Steve. I need to build it. 2 sheets of ply wood?

  8. Hi Steve, I am a big fan of yours. I was planing to made a plywood wall
    hanging shelf with 18mm ply.
    Please suggest me what type of screw i should use for this especially when
    i need to attach or hung the plywood into concrete wall.
    Mostly pple drill hole into the wall and insert a wooden/plastic anchors
    into it and nail the plywood into the wall.

    But this time i want to do it correctly, please suggest me/ guide me which
    type or Screw i should use? Any drywall screw (2 to 3 inch)? Should i use
    any plastic anchors or wooden anchors?
    Please suggest.

    Thanks a lot.


    very nice my brother

  10. Steve, When I want to drill centered holes in a dado, I drill from the dado
    side with the proper drill stopping before the counter set hits the wood.
    Then simply flip the lumber over and drill the counter sink. Never have to
    mark the front for screws again. later in this you did just that. Why not
    do it the first time? Screws in the divider??? Pocket screws. Who cares if
    they show???

  11. Paint

  12. Steve, thank you for always working so hard to make quality videos.

  13. tagora francisco

    eu vou fazer uma para mim!

  14. Well done Steve. You make that look easy.

  15. Hi Steve, John here in Las Vegas. I am a custom woodworker/handyman and I
    just finished your design of a lumber rack. I made mine 78″ long and I wish
    now I would hvae gone to 84 -88″ or so. I do store full size plywood sheets
    for a while and boy is it ever easier than putting them up over your garage
    door (like you) like I used to. Next thing I need to make is one of those
    carts that lifts the sheet up so you can put it on the cutting grid or saw
    horses without lifting them. My grid (first trial) is 3″ strips of OSB
    boards cut in a torsion box grid style to cut a 4×8 sheet on so you don’t
    have to worry about pieces falling off on the ground. Just cut thru and
    everything stays put. Should have done it years ago. I get so many great
    ideas from you guys who actually make the videos. So thanks and keep up the
    great work. Soon to be is a modified Jay Bates style miter saw station that
    I am putting my Bosch 8.25″ miter saw and a Delta 12″ radial arm saw side
    by side on. I am redoing my dust collection system to a little bigger size
    and will incorporate that into the station. Again, thanks.

  16. This is in my opinion one of the best wood storage carts. Its the perfect
    size that I need cause im the same way with not storing full sheets very
    long. Im in the process of building this now and its coming along pretty
    well. Thanks for the video.

  17. I hate seeing a technique that would of been awesome for a project I’ve
    already made. Will definitely need to remember those dados.

  18. Save it for a cool Karate Chop video..

  19. don’t let it whip ya!

  20. Wow good idea for storage. Climbing the ladder is no fun to get wood.

  21. I built on last night off of these planes and came out great. The only
    problem I have is that it is already full and I need a second one.

  22. Hey Steve, Beginner woodworker here. Great videos, I’ve been a fan for a
    long time and really enjoy what you do. I’ve never done work with dado’s
    but did just purchase a router so I’m tackling this lumber cart project. My
    question is: What size router bit did you use to get a tight fit with the
    3/4″ plywood you’re working with in this project? I’ve read that I should
    actually get a 23/32″ bit for this but wonder if a straight 3/4″ is what
    you used. Keep up the great work sharing projects new woodworkers like me
    feel like we can take on with your instruction!

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