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Mark Donovan of shows how to build a garage workbench. This video will show you step by step how to build a workbench that is rugged and will stand the test of time and abuse. This workbench is ideal for the garage or basement. If you want plans for this work bench get my "Build a Garage Workbench" eBook at: . It includes workbench design plans and is loaded with instruction pictures on building a workbench.

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  1. Great video. I had been think about buying a bench. Glad I found this vid
    and some others like it here. Is there any advantadge/disadvantage to
    notching the 2×4 ends and screwing them together vs just using brackets?
    Seems like brackets are a little easier, but cost extra. 

  2. The brackets won’t keep the bench as rigid.

  3. enjoyed your video and now I think I can build one!

  4. This I’m going to copy!!! Great workbench and I have the materials as
    leftovers from my current project!!!

  5. great video thanks a lot. Will def. check out your website

  6. The lug bold should have a washer. Anyway, I will use a washer to secure.
    Thanks for the nice video. 

  7. InnovativeHomeCncpts

    My favorite part of this video is here’s a guy just working in his garage
    with a video camera and he has over 500k videos on this one video. I love
    youtube. Great job on the video!

  8. Now if Google/Youtube would pay us even a single penny for every view then
    I’d really be excited.

  9. good nak

  10. If you leave a two inch lip on the front of the bench it will be great for
    clamps! Great job! !

  11. If you leave a two inch lip on the front of the bench it will be great for
    clamps! Great job! !

  12. if you put two cross beams on the ends you can put your clamps on there

  13. A butt joint would be much quicker and easier than a lap joint.

  14. Good video. My only suggestion would be to use a router to make the lap
    (If you had one available)

  15. Thanks for the video. I am needing one for a new shed in a few weeks. I
    will check out the link too. Thanks again.


  17. I have all the tools, but overall need 12 pieces of 2×4 and 2 pieces of 3/4
    inch plywood?

  18. Thanks for the video

  19. Thank you for the video…..I built a 12ft long x 30inch deep x 36 inch
    high workbench following your example…..I love it…. the joints are more
    work but well worth the authentic finished product…..I appreciate your
    time and effort.

  20. How necessary are the carriage bolts? I built this exact bench and am
    concerned that the carriage bolts will make the lap joints weaker bc it
    would be a total of 5 holes for each 3/4″ married lap joint. 4: 1-1/4
    screws and 1: 5/16th carriage bolt. That seems like a lot of hardware for
    such a small area. I’m by no means a pro so please advise if it’s a good
    idea to add the carriage bolts.

  21. +jtm5 I have found that using the carriage bolts make the workbench much
    more stable.

  22. +HomeAdditionPlus thanks for the reply. I went ahead and put the carriage
    bolts in and you’re right, they make the joints much stronger.

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