Build a Cheap Woodworking Workbench

How to build a low budget woodworkers style workbench from 2x4s and plywood. This woodworking workbench can be built with a limited tool set and and for much less than even the cheapest commercial workbench. Free plans to build your own workbench, see here:


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  1. Is there a way to make holes without any power tools? My parents won’t buy
    me a drill, so I can’t make this hole that I want in a tv stand for wires
    to go through.

  2. I must say you are one of my favourite youtube woodworkers. You are doing a
    very good job at filming, presenting, and woodorking. And plans are nicely
    done an free.

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  4. ‫ابو عمر‬‎

    very great thank you

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  6. Excellent. Newbie question: why is it, chamfer the tenons? It’ll fit a bit
    easier into the mortise, I see that, but on the other hand: it’s a stronger
    joint. Is it not?

  7. omskariyaz maraikayer

    Great work young brother . good indeed.

  8. showwwww!!!!!

  9. dam i wondered where you went harry

  10. Good job man .

  11. Enjoyed the bench dogs and workbench videos. Nice details with helpful
    explanations along the way. I have limited space in my garage for my new
    hobby of wood working. I was thinking of mount a workbench to the wall so
    that it could fold up against the wall when not in use, Any thoughts or
    suggestion on the idea?

  12. keep doing good work thank you for the plans of luck in your new ideas👍

  13. Thumbs up !

  14. I didn’t really need instructions for such a sturdy workbench but couldn’t
    stop watching!

  15. Nice work man. I love the wooden vacuum cleaner adapters.

  16. Where’s plans buddy thanks

  17. I was just thinking of buyingba router what price would you recommend and
    what bout a trend jig dovetail joint

  18. I don’t quite understand what’s going on with the end vise around 5:58. A
    hole is cut to accommodate the vise base so it can be secured,
    but…there’s no hole cut out for the moving vise bars. Wouldn’t the bars
    get caught up in the legs when everything is secured together? I’m using a
    Tekton vise, so it looks like the base is different in a few ways from the
    one in the video, mine is very flat and short, with two holes instead of
    wide and longer like the one in the video. Even still though, I can’t quite
    seem to figure out how he got around the bar issue.

    I’m asking because I just got to that section and need to recut the hole
    for my vise slightly deeper to accommodate the bars more, as there is some
    binding when I was doing a test run, but it appears as if this wasn’t an
    issue at all in the video.

  19. What type of glue are you using? It looks to be a higher viscosity than
    what we have here in the U.S.

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  21. Très belle réalisation. Merci pour le plan.

  22. buy cheap bit and brace its a hand drill. and buy bit that you need

  23. you are very claver

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