Build a cheap but sturdy workbench in a day using 2x4s and plywood.

Here's a basic workbench made with a few 2x4s and a sheet of plywood. It is very strong and can be customized in any number of ways. Read more about this project:


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  1. Tammy Hudelson (Schultz)

    Hey Steve! Just wanted to say thank you for this video! Last spring, I made
    one of these workbenches, with a few modifications, to turn it into a
    versatile, workbench/temporary kitchen island, until we are able to do our
    kitchen remodel this coming spring. I added a butcher block top made from
    oak and secured it to the workbench top with removable dowels to quickly
    transform it from my kitchen island into my woodworking bench! Just take
    the butcher block top off, wheel it to my deck and ready for more fun
    projects! Here’s a link to my finished workbench…
    Thanks again!!!

  2. I tried to download the plans for this and I couldn’t, is there anywhere
    else to get them?

  3. This was one of the first woodworking videos I watched. I still watch and
    learn from them. Thanks Steve.

  4. I really want to get started in woodworking and I think making a workbench
    would be a great first project, the only issue is that I won’t have enough
    room in my house and I don’t have a garage so the bench will have to be
    outside year round.

    I’m planning on making it from pallets since I found someone local who’s
    giving them away for free – would this be ok or will I need to treat the
    wood for outdoor use?

    I’m not too bothered about having to eventually replace it as long as it’ll
    last a good few years, this is after all my first project so I want to just
    throw myself in, get a feel for it and potentially make something that will
    help with future projects – it doesn’t need to be pretty as long as it’s
    sturdy and functional.

  5. Max Kleinschnittger

    nice workbench👍

  6. +Obsidiax to have the pallet wood survive for a really long time, you could
    put some kind of coating on it. but i dont think that that’s needed, just
    cover it with some kind of plastik sheeting when its not in use and your
    workbench will last you for long enough! pallet wood has often been exposed
    to the elements for long periods, so you dont have to worry about warping
    that much. hope i could help 🙂

  7. +DragoTC
    Very much! Thanks for the reply 🙂

  8. what kind of wood is that. pine?

  9. +aarondavid826 more than likely. It is cheap ad easy to find.

  10. What length screws do you use to screw the plywood sheets together?

  11. +L H/NJ I believe they have to be long enough to go through both sheets and
    the bottom of the bench he was using till the glue dries, and then they’re
    removed. So 2X3/4″ + some bite, so 2″ to 2-1/2″?

  12. +Chip Cooper thanks!

  13. Dang, that’s a lot of glue!

  14. +Obsidiax
    I just made a desk out of pallet wood you will be fine. they can withstand
    the harsh weather.

  15. this weighs a ton right?

  16. like your videos Steve. Thanks!

  17. Steve. You got plans on this? Also, did you remove any screws or do
    anything that you didn’t show on the video? Wanted to know how you measured
    it , or how you calculated it to meet the exact height ????
    thanks…Michael STEVE???? Please reply ok?

  18. Those casters look way too small for the weight of the workbench even when
    empty. Have you replaced them with larger ones? How is the bench holding
    up? Good video, you have lots of great ideas.

  19. Great project – your ideas are great and enjoyably presented. Many thanks!

  20. Are you David Ramsey’s brother? Plsssssssssss reply

  21. +TN Ravi No. Not sure who he is!

  22. what other method can you think of on how to attach the table top other
    than screwing it from the top? Something where it doesn’t show

  23. I just finished watching the video where you rip the island apart to make a
    smaller one. Makes sense though, what with climate change and all.

  24. nice nice

  25. Hey Steve – what are the approximate dimensions for your bench in terms of
    height from the floor to the shelf and from the floor to the table top?
    Also about how much over hang on the top did you allow for? It looks to be
    about 1-2 inches from the video. Thanks

  26. I have been using this laminated 2×4 for my bench and stuff, and i was
    wondering, as I am on a very very limited budget, is it ok to take the
    screws back out for reuse after the glue has dried? Or do the screws help
    with strength in a way the glue can’t like, sheer strength or something?
    Keep on with your awesome channel.

  27. Steve is this workbench too much heavy to transport?

  28. theres a money guru on tv called dave ramsey he’s written several books and
    on tv about saving money

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