Broken Pots Turned Into Brilliant Fairy Gardens

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A new trend in gardening has gardeners creating all sorts of creative garden arrangements and fairy gardens out of broken pots, proving that even a broken pot can be useful and beautiful.
Such pots can be created either from the shards left from an accidental break or from a carefully planned cut. To cut such a pot, soak it and use a craft drill or file to create a weakened shape that can then be “broken” out with a hammer (be sure to use safety goggles and an air filter during this step). Then, fill the pot with planter’s soil and arrange the shards in the soil in any way you wish! Watch this video to know more……


  1. I really love this idea 

  2. ғishy o̶p̶p̶a̶'̶s̶

    This gives me lots of great ideas ~^^

  3. Beautiful!! I too like!

  4. Great idea. By any chance, does anyone here know the name of that plant on the 0:40 mark? I would like to know what the small plant with purple flowers is called. The one behind the small angel figure. Thanks!

  5. São encantadores !!!

  6. Love it

  7. روعة أحب التي تحمل صفة الابداع

  8. I want to know what music this is! Sounds lovely and relaxing!

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