1. It looks incredible, good job! Just think it is a bit risky handling liquids so close to a computer…ahah

  2. Inspiring, relaxing, talented work. Thank you very much!

  3. The Vegan Philosopher

    What are your methods of holding your work in place when youre doing the bulk carving with the adze?

  4. +Carve This Spoon my girlfriend has broken her knee so our other projects are on hold at the moment, but i am planning on doing a video soon carving a new bowl and going though the tools i use in detail, so keep a look out for that, i should be stating it quite soon.

  5. The Vegan Philosopher

    Excellent thanks!

  6. Substandard Gamer Kiba

    You can use this to make bread.

  7. Haha! You listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast as you work! Awesome. 😀

  8. Spalted wood is so pretty. Awesome job brother!

  9. nice spaulting!

  10. beautiful work ! can you tell me which knife that was at around 8:05 ?

  11. Was wondering the same thing. Also, great work Kris. I’m inspired to do one this big too!

  12. I don’t even really like woodworking I just love how satisfying if is to listen to and watch

  13. Did anyone else hear the guy saying that he ate 12 packets of Doritos a night

  14. NICE, Ricky Gervais is a funny man.

  15. my anxiety was off the charts when i saw that bit haha

  16. great job Kris iv watched this a couple of times now. Unfortunately I don’t have an adze yet but I manage with a 40mm bowl gouge which has a lovely polished bevel. My next project is a similar bowl but I don’t have Beech but have Ash which has really nice figure. Maybe one day I do a video. What oil was you using please. Thanks

  17. If you can’t handle liquids maybe you shouldn’t handle sharp tools.

  18. i like the hand carved look.

  19. that string compass thing you used to make the ellipse was a joy to watch. what a simple tool.

  20. A chainsaw in an asmr video, that’s new!

  21. What is that type of oil you put on it?

  22. Truly awesome

  23. Great work Chris

  24. looked like veg or sunflower cooking oil. food grade mineral oil is normally used for bowls, blocks etc

  25. Antonello De Angelis

    Iluvatar that’s called draw knife 🙂

  26. No, not the draw knife, the big fixed blade he uses to clean it up.

  27. you should post an unedited version, where there is no time speed up. that would be very nice for the asmr effect

  28. Not sure if you’ve found it already but it looks to be one of the SWC bushcraft knives http://www.swc-handmade-knives.co.uk/

  29. 4:20: Ouch!
    9:40: Beautiful! Worth the ouch!

  30. Fine palm oils, from the nectars of an african elaeis guineensis. The crisp aromas that escape from the beach wood are subtle, yet enveloping. Complimented by a baked lobster tail with a lemon garlic drizzle. Mangia!

  31. Can’t wait, please be sure and include your draw knife. Would love to know the maker and model. Beautiful bowl and yes an adze does make your wrist hurt after a while of use.

  32. I am really wondored as well. He does a good work

    Regards from Brazil, Nik.


  33. Christopher Castillo

    Nate Turlo calm down fagot😂

  34. Wrong unlawful assumption dinkweed!!!

  35. You’re the fagot!!!!!!

  36. nik makes
    Ikr. The more you learn.

  37. Never fagot!!!!!!!!

  38. Cahyyam Bergkotte palm oil. I used it to stain my futon bed frame

  39. (lmao i’m replying to this from a year ago) ya know, Nate Turlo is a good example of all the sensitive people on the internet.

  40. Thank you for the compliment Lizz Draws. I do try to encourage people to be caring. Most people think that you have to be a psychologist or psychiatrist to know how to care about people. All people really need to be able to do is to listen and to do that you simply need good role models not like that of the ones on television; but more or less those of a well meaning functioning family or friends.

  41. its an oil so it wont damage the electronics of the computer if split

  42. it wasn’t a compliment?? i have no idea if you’re being sarcastic or not.

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