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This is a recap of the best charging station organizer I have found to date. Works well, sits on a desk like a piece of furnature and can charge up to 4 devices. Fits most cell phones and small electronics. I have my iPhone 5, camera charger, iPod touch and iPod charging.

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  1. Where did u get this ???

  2. nice design

  3. Thanks thats great

  4. To funny, we picked one of these from a thrift store for $8 wasn’t sure what it was, hubby used it to keep his wallet, cell etc.
    Had no clue what it was til we saw this video, ours has three larger dividers. Thank you for the video lol

  5. +Andrea Luna Your welcome.

  6. dust magnet

  7. +rickbadboy Not as bad as you would think but yes.

  8. cool idea 🙂

  9. Iit really helps a lot for those who charge with a dirty mess on the bed. Like me 😉 haha lol

  10. +Guadalupe Salido Yes, that was me too lol. I use a few charging organizers now for different areas.

  11. Alright! I was thinking that the compartments would be too small for the newer HUGE phones like the Samsung Mega 6.3 or the HTC Max, but when I clicked on the first link it took me to an even better choice on Amazon with an Xlarge square/compartment that would probably work for the much bigger phones now available.  Thanks for the info.

  12. +Evelyn Pendall You’re welcome and for larger devices this isn’t the best but the link below will show you others as you saw.

  13.  There you go 🙂

  14. dude… your eyes are glazed

  15. +Scarface Contact lenses get picked up like that with the camera under certain light conditions.

  16. +DHTV – Dan cool

  17. Definitely not the best charging station out there..

  18. +Joseph Ko been using it for years and it’s the best one I have used.

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