Basic Set of Tools for the Woodworking Beginner

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  1. 29 years old and always wanted to learn WW. Never too late. Thank you sir,
    for the informative videos!

  2. I’m 34 and just starting out. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, this video really helped.

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    I just retired at 65 and just finished my first ww project.

  5. I know this is an older video and someone has probably already said it
    before, but wood clamps are also huge on my must have list…myself and
    most woodworkers I know like to avoid screws as much as possible…and glue
    ups need clamps…or some clever wedging system, but clamps are the most
    practical for the beginner.
    my list(regardless how this will sound I am not a hand tool purist)
    1)rip saw
    2)crosscut saw
    3)some sort of sandpaper(you can make your own blocks if needed)
    5)drill, or auger…I just use a drill and I like the festool drills as
    well…but they can be expensive…like $500, but great overall and great
    battery life
    6) 1/2″ chisel(I’m aiming for the minimum here)
    7) straight edge(I just use one of those aluminum concrete worker things)
    8)hand plane, a moderately priced no.4 will fill all your needs until you
    grow into “needing” more, or get a hand router, as stated in the
    video…the only issue with power tools for the beginner is power and space.
    9)some sort of vice, this is not necessary but very convenient..once you
    have one you will wonder how you ever worked without it.
    10)combination square…this is actually very important, and once you get a
    little practice with your saws you should have few problems making good
    square cuts….it takes a little practice, but I have never met a beginner
    who could not accomplish this after a few tries and some research or

    now all this being said, I use my table saw(self made)for about 95% of all
    my cuts…so, as it says in the video, as you grow so will your

  6. thanks for this video. it’s exactly what I’m looking for as I’m a second
    year mature joinery student. As I’m jus starting out what level would you
    suggest, medium quality? or give for top of range straight away.

  7. Nice video 🙂 but I want to ask how is the tool next to handsaws(on the
    wall) called?

  8. ur a templar Ic >..> XD ty for the info

  9. You don’t have to buy the same brand people. Buy the one you can afford and
    learn to use it!

  10. Common sense prevails! Huzzah!

  11. I’m glad i found you’re channel I have some knowledge of wood working but
    this is sending me deeper down the rabbit hole and for that I’m thankful.

  12. Thanks!

  13. maby I can help, the two tools right beside the handsaws are called spoke

  14. Awesome Assassin’s Creed shirt!

  15. So, I don’t like cables and hoses, I’m clumsy enough to have more stuff in
    my way to trip over. That’s why all of my tools are DeWalt 20V MAX tools
    (except for the compact router that’s a given). I’m also thinking about the
    cordless miter and table saws from DeWalt to complete the lineup and now
    with the flexvolt brushless motors line, things will get interesting for
    me. I like these tools since they’re cheap and reliable. I bought a
    cordless nailgun but the carrier was nice enough to lose it along with
    other stuff during shipping.

    Now, any recommendation on a good quality chisel set? I’m on a good budget,
    please let me here the options.

    Thanks for the video!

  16. abstergo

  17. nice

  18. Abstergo is now in Wood industry huh?

  19. I wanna be a carpenter so I can build my tree house, time to change my

  20. does wood come square and straight now?.how would a beginner dimension
    wood? that important?,,.also maybe some disclosure…youre festtool
    sponsored right?

  21. You can buy wood pre-dimensioned if you don’t mind paying extra. Having
    straight and square stock is very important. And no Festool is not a
    sponsor. When there’s a need for disclosure, you’ll have it. 🙂

  22. Hey Marc! Been listening to you and Nicole on various Frogpants podcasts
    for a couple of years. I’m the prime example of a beginner when it comes to
    woodworking and have yet to start my first project as I’m still getting
    tools and getting my work area situated.

    To get started, I picked up the Black and Decker Matrix 20V set with all
    the changeable attachments to cover all the basic tools. I know most of the
    attachments (router, oscillating tool, Jigsaw, etc) are not as powerful as
    the full version of the tools, but I’m hoping they will be enough to get me
    started. I’m on a tight budget and probably spent more than I should have
    so far.

    Thanks for all the great videos. They have been a tremendous help while I
    figure out what I need to get started. Also, any recommendations for
    beginner projects to help learn the basic techniques would be greatly
    appreciated as right now, the least intimidating projects I’m finding are
    boot jacks and pallet christmas trees.

  23. 39 here and I’m just getting started. Funny thing is I just got my 4 year
    IT degree and the first thing I do is start down the path to woodworking.

  24. is a 5-inch orbit sander a good size?

  25. Sure. But I prefer 6″. Bigger sander means less sanding time on larger

  26. +The Wood Whisperer oh okay

  27. I buy most everything from the big orange home store… wood, tools… I
    don’t have a ton of cash so I tend to buy the “common board” lumber and
    birch plywood a lot. I’ve gotten pretty good results out of the pine boards
    (after sanding and using conditioner) but I’ve been wanting to use a local
    favorite (Red Oak) and their prices are SKY HIGH.
    Where would one look for species outside of the normal pine and poplar?

  28. Ali Haidar I just picked up Milwaukee’s miter saw (on sale right now) and
    it’s a beast! Corded power without being tethered to the wall. I dig it.

  29. How about a plane?

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