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ASMR wood carving


Wood carving – contrary to ear cleaning is probably one of the most underrated asmr triggers, at least when we look at the intentional videos available on yotube. There are only a few videos involving the sound of wood carving. Now after making this video I know what's the reason. Initially I thought it is gonna be very simple and that I can do it really quickly, but in fact it turned out to be quite difficult and time consuming especially for someone who has never been carving before.

I can say that I'm mildly satisfied with the visual result of my work, however when it comes to the sounds it's definitely not exactly what I expected. Decided to upload it anyway, but please be careful if the harsh scratchy sounds are not your thing.

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  1. the brushing sound while you clean fragments of wood is sooo GOOD. Thx!:^)

  2. Well done! But why is you Hand so Red? no Problem, just a ask

  3. Buy your own wood carving knives set: http://amzn.to/1mmFHN1

    Wood for carving: http://amzn.to/1PA4d6z

  4. i was cringing the entire time and waiting for him to cut himself…

    thank you for making me think such things, threadbanger

  5. How to do ASMR:

    Step 1: Do everything like you would if you were in the middle of the night
    and didn’t want to wake up your girlfriend/parents.
    Step 2: Imagine you had a little brother and you have to make him sleep as
    fast as possible.
    Step 3: Whisper like a cereal killer.
    Step 4 (Bonus): Don’t kill my cereal.

  6. Samii Samiles & Friends!

    🎶 She’s a tear in my wood, she’s a carver 🎶

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t feel any “tingles” but just finds it

  8. what if he suddenly shouted

  9. RELAX
    takeee it eeeeaaaasyyy ~

  10. This is secretly HowToBasic’s second channel

  11. bitch better have my money

    he’s not red at all.

  12. i always feel weird when a guy does asmr

  13. I would’ve given myself a splinter 😂😂

  14. Who tf spends 40 minutes watching some guy cut wood?



  15. New to this but I do feel like not talking is the way to go. I just woke up
    from sleeping 8 hours and these videos make me want to fall asleep again
    they are so relaxing

  16. So tru XD

  17. Sounds like me trying to sharpen my pencil with scissors in geometry class.

  18. How2asmr: step 1. Grab a household item step 2.scratch it,tap it, scrape
    it,and rub it,but dont forget to play with the package before you unbox it.
    Step 3.repeat

  19. I agree these are my favorite to listen to

  20. I like watching it tho😂

  21. ….basically

  22. Mr.krabs confirmed

  23. bitch better have my money

    +Help Me lmao

  24. Kids in Africa could of eaten that wood

  25. That’s basically only why I watch these ASMR videos, because they’re
    satisfying to watch.

  26. omg mika is a french singer french song!!!

  27. Me:


  28. same 😂

  29. Well I can´t relax to female asmr artists, because something deep in my
    brain (or/and loins) keeps me from relaxing totally. So only guys for me
    then ^^

  30. Herr X Dude, trying to relax to ASMRDarling is basically impossible.

  31. +kameron julien
    Indeed ^^

  32. Omg Mika <3

  33. kornizepic ?

  34. +Conor Tierney It neede to be ‘could have’ or could’ve, not ‘could of’.

  35. RELAX don’t do it, when you wanna go to it.

  36. Natasha Delawsky same but only if the guy talks if its just noises it
    doesnt matter but i couldnt relax to a guy talking

  37. i thought i was the only one who did that

  38. could’ve*

  39. yes also harambe should be reincarnatid as a panda

  40. Elina cuz there is nothing that we can’t do

  41. Jomayreline Perez i do lol but nobody watches the whole video just some
    parts XD

  42. +BRUH
    ikr 😂😂😂

  43. +Brandon Urine i love your name

  44. Morgan Turnbull

  45. Lord Cthulhu n

  46. True tho

  47. Asmrsurge Nice !

  48. “Just a ask” I imagine this is what I sound like in Spanish class lol

  49. +Adrian Langford I am fairly certain that the OP is of Asian decent and
    English may not be her first language.

  50. 여기 한국분들 많군요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  51. 그러게 말입니다XD

  52. what ” |-/ ” mean?

  53. Memories55 the help me do hw

  54. Tyler 'The Fangirl'

    +C0d3r H4x0r it’s the symbol for twenty one pilots, a band

  55. 지영이 동지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀여우셔들

  56. +Tyler ‘The Fangirl’ oooh

  57. Unknown same

  58. Sofia Toriz its a beautiful color!

  59. Conor Tierney please don’t make fun of world hunger. it’s not something to
    joke about

  60. tammynooo :3 I DO THAT LMAO


  62. |-/ times 100000000

  63. Kawaii Lps with pandas!

    Al Kaholic oh mah gawd…

  64. Elina easy like Sunday mooooornnnniiiiinggg~

  65. Brian Baker ugh.. I can’t believe you got likes from that comment

  66. 예이 한쿡인ㄴ!!!

  67. +/ 덕질용 으으아 학국인

  68. Pull it! Twist it! Bop it!

  69. +Peyton E nether can i

  70. Dv dd.
    M. Mknk v. V,k,vVvkvv,mvÑvvvvkvvkvvmvvvkvv

  71. DashingDIYGamerGirl




    im sorry mom..

  72. We all die.

  73. Some people have red hands. Some people have vaguely yellow (mwa) or green
    hands. Some people are vampires.

  74. Mwa.
    I think the only time I got tingles it was almost painful, it felt like I
    had a headache. Strangely half pleasant, but still like a headache.

  75. +Code7 dude chill english isn’t even my language. I’m polish living in
    Germany. Mistakes can happen?

  76. Juli i’m pretty chilled right now, Dude.

  77. +First Name Surname X-D HAHAHAHA OMG

  78. tammynooo :3 <ㅑ88교ㅕㅏㅗㅡ퍼89909

  79. GrimpNoxious haha haha tru😅

  80. +Leen Adi I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, or you are actually that
    enthusiastic. Nothing against you either way.

  81. +Juli Im ukrainian living in Bulgaria, english isnt my first language
    obviously but I have mastered it perfectly along with 4 other languages.
    Everyone(except people in 3rd world countries)gets to learn english in
    school. Stop making excuses…

  82. Alvaro de Frutos p

  83. null

  84. Jomayreline Perez. I DO

  85. IzzyBella21 I was waiting for a splinter

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