ASMR Soap carving

Is there anybody there who likes scratching sounds? If so, today's video should be a treat for you. It took me almost 5 days to finish shooting it. Initially I was going to make just some soap scratching and carving noises with a knife and a scalpel. I wasn't going to carve any particular sculptures, as it seemed to be too demanding and time consuming, to say nothing about the complete lack of any carving skills.
But then when I was browsing through different pictures of soap sculptures I stumbled across a really cool looking Garfield figure. I decided to challenge myself to make a similar one, and yes… it definitely wasn't a good idea… you can see what a masterpiece I managed to make xD Raise your hand if you can see Garfield in this chunk of soap. The second one which is a kind of alien or wannabe superhero was a total improvisation. The last ''sculpture'' is a boat which I decided to make for them. Why? Simply because I though that it would be a good idea to sail both of them away in order to spare them being exposed to ridicule from way better looking colleagues. Unfortunately they didn't make it to the island of losers and had been lost in the depths of the ocean of dishsoap.

Just for the record – It is not a tutorial. This video was made only for relaxation purposes. I've never been carving in soap before and I consider myself as a person without any artistic sense. I'm completely aware that my technique is improper and clumsy. This video is aimed at people who want to relax while listening to high quality sound of ASMR triggers. If want to find out what ASMR is I recommend reading a Wikipedia article here:

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  1. what the f*ck is this

  2. Abby Palmer asmr

  3. If you can see this video you are part of the underground elite and are now
    on an FBI watchlist. Your only hope of getting off of this list is to coat
    yourself in tar, then glitter, and turn counterclockwise 42 times while
    chanting “I didn’t kill that hamster” as loud as you can in your local mall
    foodcourt. Good luck to you ma’am, you’re gonna need it.

  4. +Em Dooey that’s a bit cringy

  5. Who do you like better Asmr Taylor darling or asmrsurge

  6. Fnaf Pokemon idk. i just found this channel both are great and give me
    tingles so it’s a tie

  7. 一橋に行きたい


  8. 一橋に行きたい Doraemon doesn’t have ears.I think this is Garfield

  9. Fnaf Pokemon surge

  10. TheRidiculousGamer24

    Did he even use the brown soap?

  11. TheRidiculousGamer24 yes at 44:34

  12. Wowmon No, he didn’t. He had 4 soaps and used 3.

  13. That wasn’t soap. That was human crap.

  14. Bastian Schweinsteiger

    What would happen if you tried eating soap?

  15. Bastian Schweinsteiger

    I would like a moustache…

  16. i would like death (._.)

  17. Ebsulem yummy😏

  18. A Really Weird Guy same 😀

  19. As a kid I thought you would blow bubbles, like in cartoons.

  20. I think that was the point, Sean

  21. Ebsulem
    Please guys, I’m trying to sleep !! 😂😂😂

  22. okr
    No, it really does look like Doraemon.

  23. hes breathing is anoying… 😕 anyway i like the carv

  24. Bastian Schweinsteiger i was forcefeaded soap when i was younger (like 7)
    when i swore. Liquid and sometimes even solid.

  25. que clase de fetiche es este?

  26. no entendí que es esto?

  27. what happend to his arms i only see hands

  28. For some reason this triggers me.

  29. +Beatriz Rodriguez ASMR son sensaciones de relajacion o placer que son
    causadas por ver o escuchar ciertos estimulos en particular, por ejemplo en
    este caso los sonidos del jabon…tambien ocurre con muchos otros sonidos
    como las burbujas del embalaje rompiendose, que te cepillen el cabelo, que
    te hablen como en susurro, etc…es decir, la gente los escucha y ve para
    irse a dormir

  30. +Beatriz Rodriguez a veces la gente siente “escalofrios” o hormigueos
    agradables en la cabeza y la nuca cuando disfrutan

  31. Wow se oye raro

  32. Valentina Arcila
    The background is black and so are his sleeves

  33. I often got a weird relaxed feeling but never knew, nor could I, properly
    explain it. I’m very happy to have found ASMR.

  34. Shaped Mind i personally like hearing it

  35. Valentina Arcila they got cut off in a carving accident. Trust me. I know
    the guy

  36. Arcade Zombie (NeoStar the Great)

    Surge is so much better

  37. Arcade Zombie (NeoStar the Great)

    Prob best asmrtist

  38. +Jeremy Sharpe lmao

  39. it’s latterly just 2 disembodied hands runing around with a knife brutally
    killing soap

  40. sorry bad spelling

  41. This is like someone saying the word moist. I’m cringing and recoiling my

  42. Why it looks like a porn the intro..

    Soap porn ???¿¿¿


  44. NanoReefHQ same

  45. well… is a trigger for you! 🙂 In my case its really annoying and i cant
    enjoy…. hes not the first one that makes good asmr videos but that
    breathing…jisus! for exemple the channel : Miss VintageTingles : I like
    her tapping and some stuff she does but that breathing she makes! JISUS
    CHRIST! :/

  46. or he had a greenscreen and also happened to wear green clothes xD

  47. yup soap porn

  48. NanoReefHQ Same

  49. SAY WHA? Youre not the only one

  50. +Mary Horman true..

  51. +Dean Stremetzsky Good to know

  52. Maka Chigbolu MOIST

  53. +UNICORNO hisssssss…ewwwww

  54. maplegutz Wrong vid

  55. Africans could’ve eaten those…

  56. Carve a knife out of the soap then with the soap knife cut a soap out of
    the original knife then with that soap cut a knife out of the soap knife
    then use that to wash your hands.

  57. 0:41 “Who’s your daddy?”

  58. +Beatriz Rodriguez ajaj es bastante comun, casi todos tienen sonidos o
    sensaciones que le producen asmr

  59. Shaped Mind im sure if you ask him nicely he’ll stop breathing just for
    you. :)))

  60. This should be a satisfying video

  61. Phanic! At The Pity Party

    Michael White wut

  62. Cyan Apex 😂😂

  63. howl golden

  64. Ciaren Bunt hilarious lol


  66. Sydney Ng
    tell me about it!

  67. Michael White

  68. SAY WHA? It’s supposed to I Think

  69. Oliveshine in ThunderClan

    maplegutz ???

  70. SAY WHA? **static noise**

  71. Yes, wash your hands with a knife


  73. Cyan Apex omgggggggggg did u just… :’)

  74. martymcmoist martymcmoist

    Wedrail Animations EDDS WORLD

  75. kleinstadtdichter /

    oh gooood 😂😂😂

  76. Oliveshine in ThunderClan Read the description.

  77. Why in the heck do i find this sexual XDDD

  78. emiliavioletta lololol wooow

  79. Shaped Mind k hang on while he stops breathing and kills himself

  80. da mó brisa ;-;

  81. ITzAllan - STOmpeR BLOCK STRIKE !

    kssks ‘ neh ;-;

  82. im just saying that breathing makes me out of triger! :/

  83. Ciaren Bunt kys

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