Arbortech Woodworking – TURBOShaft

The TURBOShaftTM is Arbortech’s latest power carving attachment for your angle grinder. Designed to complement the Arbortech TURBO range or as a stand alone tool, the TURBOShaftTM provides detailed freehand carving to perfectly combine efficiency and exceptional control.

• Freehand fine sculpting and boring tool
• Fast freehand or template letterwork carving
• Deep and narrow profiles
• Planning action at the tip of the shaft
• Gets into places other tools can’t reach


  1. Love the concept. Just itching to get my hand on one soon.

  2. This is way better than the rig I had to make to complete a project. If
    they come this way I will be getting one.

  3. What is the thread size? Wonder if it will fit on the arbor of a Makita 5″
    right angle grinder?

  4. This is great, can I get one of these somewhere in Europe?

  5. Sweet! I want one!

  6. +Jimmy Dee Hi Jimmy, sorry for my tardiness in replying. It comes with a
    14mm thread and a brass adapter for 12mm spindles so it fits all European
    and Japanese grinders. For the US we do it with a 5/8″ thread so I think we
    have all base covered.

  7. Another ingenius tool Kevin.

  8. Gotta get one!

  9. Unfortunately a little outside of my budget!

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