Arbortech Mini-TURBO Woodcarving Blade – New Woodworking Product

Introducing the new Arbortech Mini-TURBO. A revolution in wood shaping blade in woodworking tools. The Mini-TURBO can be fitted to Arbortech's Mini-Grinder or an angle grinder. The Mini-TURBO is ideal for free hand carving or used with guides and templates for accuracy. The Mini-TURBO is sold as part of a kit and comes with replaceable/resharpenable carbide teeth. This is a must have for every woodworker's toolbox! Visit


  1. What a stunning tool, so full of uses and gives one ideas. The trouble is
    what does it cost and where can I get one please? 

  2. Did he forget to turn his mike back on?

  3. It seems the sound of the video was changed when the video was uploaded. We
    are working on fixing this to make it audible. 

  4. Thank you for your comment. The Mini-TURBO is indeed a great tool and we
    can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself. Depending on where you are
    located there are different release dates for the tool. If you are in
    Australia, the tool will be available for purchase from the beginning of
    May at our website. If you are located in the US, Canada or any other
    region it will not be available until September 2013. The price will be AUD
    $149.95 and the Mini-TURBO comes as part of a kit set. 

  5. I’m in San Diego and I’m trying to find the regular Turbo Plane. Where can
    I go? I want the mini turbo as well…. John

  6. Hi John, You can purchase the TURBOPlane from our website. It is listed
    under “Woodworking Products” on the homepage. The Mini-TURBO is not
    available in the US market until August/September 2013 due to Australian’s
    metric system and US using the imperial system. 

  7. Please also join our mailing list and you will be notified immediately when
    the tool becomes available to US customers. If you have any further
    questions or queries, or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to
    email us and we’d be happy to help. 

  8. Just ordered the mini turbo…:-). Can’t wait! I ordered through Treeline.
    Thanks Kevin just what I was looking for.

  9. I would be interested in using this for carving seat bottoms out of
    hardwood. It looks like you are using green or “wet” pine in the first part
    of the demo. I would love to see you use this technique on kiln dried oak
    or cherry without chatter or jumping. Does it work equally well there?

  10. Audio sucks

  11. Green or kiln dried these tools are awesome!

  12. +Gypsy Rich Thanks! Glad you think so.

  13. +arboristBlairGlenn What is wrong with the audio?

  14. +ArbortechWoodworking Looks like your video producer didn’t check his work
    before uploading. The vocal track is non existent from about halfway
    onward. Music is there and tool sounds but no speech. This of course
    reflects badly on your product. Might have some people thinking your
    quality control is no good across the board and deter sales.

  15. sweet product guys !!!!! I need that for my business …. going to order

  16. Great device, but….an Ian key? Is that a really small Allen key?

  17. Dramatic volume changes from intro to demonstrations don’t help! A great
    tool though.

  18. Hi Mike Wilson, you can use an Allen key, the Ian key is just more precise
    in the pressure applied which makes it harder to over or under tighten.

  19. Hi Ecnav Notpul, apologies about the sound quality, we had issues with the
    microphone. This has now been fixed and we will make sure the sound runs
    smoothly in future videos 🙂

  20. +Arbortech Despite your comment that the audio has all been fixed now, it
    hasn’t – and I see that there are comments about this from two years ago!
    It’s a great tool but this video continues to be seriously marred by the
    poor audio.

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