1. Homemade Lathe DIY CNC Mill
  2. I wasted my time…

  3. Parabéns, amigo. Excelente vídeo: engenhoso e educativo. Continue assim…

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  5. El pie de metro NO es rallador, es un instrumento de medición y por lo
    tanto no puede perder su precisión.

  6. +Carlos Scibbe igual el calibre que uso es menos preciso que una regla de

  7. No audio really limited information..

  8. Great! The only thing I need to do now is to buy all those pieces of
    equipment to make that one aluminum block.
    Keep it coming, bro! Maybe one day I will gather at home all machines to
    make machines….wait a minute!!!

  9. HF drill press $59…

  10. Heard that sound at 5:22 ?

  11. good..!

  12. Maybe you know how to drill straight a thick aluminum without drill press?

  13. this chanell… is so.. so strange… the videos could be golden, but it’s
    as if a robot is making those videos..

  14. vasat bir çalışma.

  15. total waste of time

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  17. Hola donde puedo conseguir el resorte

  18. Nice video.
    But, if you speed up/skip the boring, repetitive parts (no one wants to see
    you hand tighten 16 Alan screws in real time), you could turn this 5:30
    video into 3:00

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  21. for pipes only

  22. Less than $10, and you could have had one that is perfectly 45° V block for
    holding cylindrical parts. That was neat, but my time is worth way more.


  23. buy a better one from sears around $30 SAVE TIME.

  24. Lydia Castaneda Arce jk

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