Angle Drill Guide DIY Homemade Press Drill Power Multi Tools Sander Circular Saw Home Made Wood CNC

Angle Drill Guide DIY Homemade Press Drill Power Multi Tools Sander Circular Saw Home Made Mini CNC


  1. Homemade Lathe DIY CNC Mill
  2. I wasted my time…

  3. Parabéns, amigo. Excelente vídeo: engenhoso e educativo. Continue assim…

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  5. El pie de metro NO es rallador, es un instrumento de medición y por lo
    tanto no puede perder su precisión.

  6. +Carlos Scibbe igual el calibre que uso es menos preciso que una regla de

  7. No audio really limited information..

  8. Great! The only thing I need to do now is to buy all those pieces of
    equipment to make that one aluminum block.
    Keep it coming, bro! Maybe one day I will gather at home all machines to
    make machines….wait a minute!!!

  9. HF drill press $59…

  10. Heard that sound at 5:22 ?

  11. good..!

  12. Maybe you know how to drill straight a thick aluminum without drill press?

  13. this chanell… is so.. so strange… the videos could be golden, but it’s
    as if a robot is making those videos..

  14. vasat bir çalışma.

  15. total waste of time

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  17. Hola donde puedo conseguir el resorte

  18. Nice video.
    But, if you speed up/skip the boring, repetitive parts (no one wants to see
    you hand tighten 16 Alan screws in real time), you could turn this 5:30
    video into 3:00

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  20. Lydia Castaneda Arce

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  21. for pipes only

  22. Less than $10, and you could have had one that is perfectly 45° V block for
    holding cylindrical parts. That was neat, but my time is worth way more.

  23. buy a better one from sears around $30 SAVE TIME.

  24. Lydia Castaneda Arce jk

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