1. Her in the USA we like to use Canadians to chop our timber

  2. This how Russians make french fries

  3. สุกัญญา ดีอุดม


  4. +Rob Smith agree

  5. thats good simple engineering to use hydralics on a tractor that most
    people have so making the tool cheep 10 out of 10 points for this

  6. +KlunkerRider -And, the Blooming Onion!

  7. Wood splitting not cutting.

  8. I know USAmericans love my hard wood 😉

  9. +uni000ver000sal
    this is reason why cord went from 50 to 200.. Lazy folks so ready to let
    machines do it all, sit back push lever…reminds me of fat truck
    drivers complaining about over weight laws not being fair in US..Buy a
    machine that makes your job easier and faster then you even have gull to
    rip off customers to pay for your toys…Thats human way now
    days…Enjoy because what goes around comes around…

  10. Now I know what a wood fart sounds like

  11. 'Aurora' Phantom Fortress


  12. Nice machine.

  13. what a waste. surely get proper cuts from it, then the rest can be used for
    fire wood…..

  14. Yea. That’s all cool and all, but now try stacking that wood with any sort
    of congruency. It’s making a bunch of shredded pieces

  15. Splitting wood, 1/2 cord at a time.

  16. diesel powered play dough factory

  17. Nom de D… !! I had never seen that before in France and must say ,you
    know pretty well how to deal with raw wood !!

  18. how do you finish that last one when it doesnt get pushed through all the

  19. +J Rock racist.

  20. explosivefreak666

    .. YOU’RE Néver pleased, are ye.??..

  21. +explosivefreak666
    It has nothing to do with me being pleased. An invention should make your
    work easier AND bring productivity up. Not make new problems and be less
    efficient… Cool idea, but needs refinement…

  22. I dont think those wedges are thick enough.

  23. Ponsse scorpion king so Amazing

  24. Gay basterds!!

  25. cutting amazing….loading not so

  26. J.D. Cruz, looks like hes making firewood and kindling at the same time.
    dont hate that thing is awdsome. I would build a slide, put a trailer
    behind and load as you go, problem solved

  27. Did anyone else notice how few trees there are in the background?

  28. I was wondering who made this machine. It doesn’t appear to be home built.
    I was just curious.

  29. lighten up dude!

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