Amazing Japanese Woodworking Techniques


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Ordinary Woodworkin Workshop That Manufactured Not Ordinary Japanese wooden Lamps
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Updated: November 11, 2016 — 2:12 am



  2. No safeguard on that saw, but still he has all of his fingers…

  3. What is it ?

  4. It’s a lamp. I would have love to have seen it switched on at the end.

  5. They’re not going to show the injured people. 🙂

  6. Me, too. Bet it puts some cool designs on the wall and ceiling.

  7. Another example of if you know what you are doing you don’t need guards on
    your machines.

  8. superb precision! small detailed works like this are harder than full scale

  9. neilarmstrong spacecowboy

    John Obmar

  10. i didnt know what it was… i dont care… i just want one 😛

  11. What would you call the tool he’s using at 0:59 ?

  12. Hollow Chisel Mortiser

  13. +Cozzmos thank you! that tool is amazing!

  14. I was just about to ask the same thing. Thank you.

  15. Could people refrain from making loathsome and provocative comments please?
    This is an educational and informative video. Youtube provides us with the
    possibility of sharing knowledge and experience. Why debase yourselves by
    starting some obscene exchanges. If you don’t understand the art of
    Japanese joinery, then just refrain from making brainless statements.
    You’re polluting precious space. It’s abysmal.

  16. Relaxx, but your point is valid.

  17. English subs please, domo arigato :)

  18. 2:57 all that skill and wood around and then you notice that the table
    isn’t even stable…how should I feel about this?! :S

  19. trendgil If you had read some of the obscene comments previously posted you
    could understand my frustration. Of course it’s best not to respond to
    idiots; it’s a waste of time. Actually, the worst recent comments were
    removed, so thank goodness we can carry on. I just hope that, in the
    future, some commentators will be barred forever.

  20. Hell. Japanese people are amazing.

  21. A square hole maker

  22. True, and I think the guards can actually be on the way often times, so
    it’s actually better not to use them when you’re experienced enough.

  23. And its not even sheltered workshop employees doing it

  24. Can you imagine a house built with this interlocking technique and thick
    pillars of wood? You wouldn’t even need nails and it would last longer.

  25. They can work through an earthquake, no worries

  26. I waited when he started glueing the parts to see it lit. Damn it !

  27. *Cry me a river you twat*

    *This is human*

  28. We have a saying where I’m from: pot maker drinks from a broken pot. (long
    time ago people used to drink from clay pots apparently)

  29. I totally agree but man, you must live in a really nice bubble. The bottom
    is full of morons.

  30. Stronghans McIronuts

    I don’t need a translator to know what superb craftsmanship is.

  31. Hawiiancanetoad twa

    Do you eat it?

  32. considering the chance of an earthquake, i would want some kind of blade
    guard on that first crosscut saw 😫😓

  33. Tomek it’s a mortise drill bit. basically a squared stationery drill bit
    with a auger rotating bit inside of that.

  34. +Mike Hanson yep. Same deal with most craftsmen I’ve seen. I also have yet
    to see a mechanic with a fully functioning car. Usually one of the doors
    opens only from the outside, a window won’t go down, the key is broken off
    in the ignition (if it even needs one anymore), or the blower motor only
    works on high lol.

  35. Prima Vista Tutoring

    That’s how the Japanese did it traditionally. Temples over a thousand years
    old, 90′ tall still standing.

  36. I’m not sure I understand the bit in the press at 1:00 and how it makes
    square holes.

  37. No, kill it with fire.

  38. I think it vibrates at high frequency.

  39. It’s a square bit with a spinning cylindrical drill bit inside, google
    “Mortiser Bit” 🙂

  40. You can do all this more effective and more accurate with mashines, so…

  41. Egyptian did buildings last for 5000 years with no Glue, no interlocking,
    just stacking blocks. thats no point

  42. LoL, Europeans could do same work, more precise with CNC xDDDDDDD

  43. Thank for you asking the question that made me stop the video, and H31MU7
    for the answer!

  44. agreed

  45. true story : (

  46. Superior japanese craftmanship
    Woof folded over 1000 times

  47. Great works.
    The music was so relaxing.

  48. Amazing – who designed this item (sculpture)? Does it have a functional
    Terrific work, with a beautiful outcome. Thank you!

    Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita

  49. It’s a light. You can see the bulb socket at the bottom.

  50. I should be sleeping.

  51. Quanto capricho, detalhe, delicadeza… os orientais fazem muitas coisas

  52. ya well the pyramids are made of fucking 20000 ton rocks which dont break
    that easily.

  53. Animarkzero ‍ 	‎‎

    No, with a CNC it will not be the same because it will lack in heart and

  54. See that? blade guards are for fags!

  55. slendy9600 v

  56. ImeSaBudalamaDaPricam

    scum will always exist. as you said its best to ignore them..

  57. The other side of that is. If you know the machine is waiting to eat you.
    You pay attention an keep your nose, Toes and Fingers out of the Sharp
    spinning parts. Does not make it any less Dangerous. But it does weed out
    the mindless airheads early in their apprenticeships. Hard to do the detail
    work without your digital manipulators…

  58. My NY home has a style called post and beam (OLD, before slavery ended).
    The house has large posts, in each corner, and two giant hewn beams on each
    post. So, the weight of the elevated beams is high in the air. Today, we
    would not know how to build a home like this, and it contains no nails,
    other then the nails to hold siding on. I also think people would freak out
    to see two 16×12 beams 14 feet in the air. That’s alot of weight. The
    “siding”, is 2 inches thick, and runs vertically. Farmers over the years
    have done some interesting things, like chissel into the corner posts to
    run electrical wires around. If you only have 4 posts holding up such
    massive weight, I cannot believe someone would cut into them. But they
    still stand. One of the internal walls, is actually about 12 inches thick.

  59. +BEdmonson85 Yet then you don’t know much about woodworking and what the
    business consider a CNC machine, I’m sad to say.
    There are small computers in almost all newer advanced machinery, but yet
    most of them are not CNC machines.

  60. + Ty Cetto CNC Means Computerized Numerical Control so every computer
    controlled thing is technically a CNC mashine. This saw is clearly CNC.

  61. +stormnr2 See my answer to BEdmonson85 above – I know the definition of
    CNC, I’ve been in the woodworking business for more than 30 years. 🙂

    Let me explain: there are big differences between CNC machines and machines
    with some sort of on-board controller (as a small computer, PLC control or
    even just relays) being the way that you are able to programming them.

    A saw (as the one shown here) with a indexed pusher, a hold-down clamp and
    an automated stroke is not considered a CNC machine. They would be
    classified as a NC machine.

    The difference is how you feed them data and how you are able to control

    I hope this was a better explanation and sorry for being a bit short in the
    first one.

    There’s quite a bit of interesting information on the internet about NC and
    CNC machines, the NC was in fact the precursor to modern days CNC.

    You will be surprised to see how old some NC machines in fact are… I
    think you can find the earliest examples from the late fifties.

  62. +Ty Cetto… NC or CNC! the point is the operation is being completed by
    the machine with the exception of the raw material being supplied to it.
    The title suggests otherwise.
    By the way, as I’m sure your 30 years of vast experience has taught you,
    “computers” don’t necessarily have to be electronic. The earliest computers
    were purely mechanical.
    I didn’t post my comment to start an argument, I was simply stating an
    observation. Cool down man, it’s just a YouTube video.

  63. +BEdmonson85 I’m cool and I did in fact just try to explain the difference
    between the two items NC and CNC.

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