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Fairy Garden Accessories:
Wonderland Tea Pot House – 
Wonderland Alice & Rabbit – 
Wonderland Chairs – 
Wonderland Characters – 
Wonderland Sign & Teacups – 
Wonderland Tea Part Table – 
Mini Birch Rounds – 
White Picket Fence – 
Mini Paint Pot – 
Red Paint – 
Faux Boxwood for Heart Topiary – 
Floral Foam for Heart Topiary – 
Mini Red Roses – 
SuperMoss Mood Moss – 
Terra Cotta Azalea Pots, 8", 10", & 12" – Check your local garden center
Terra Cotta Saucers, 8", 10", & 12" – Check your local garden center 
Espoma Organic Cactus Mix – 
Espoma Organic Potting Mix – 
Watering Syringe –

1st pot:
Crassula muscosa
Haworthia Zebra Plant
Pachyphytum Bracteosum
Crassula Variegata
Sedum Morandanum
Sedum Orange Ice

2nd pot:
Coffee Plant
Bellis 'Galaxy Rose'
Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry'
Scotch Moss
Sedum 'Chocolate Ball'

3rd Pot:
Aralia Variegated
Purple Velvet Plant
Bellis 'Galaxy Rose'
Saxifraga 'Touran Deep Red'
Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry'
Sedum lineare 'Variegatum'

This video was made in partnership with My Fairy Gardens

Gear we use:
Canon 70D –
Canon 80D –
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 –
Canon 50mm 1.8 –
Rode Mic Pro –
Sennheiser EW 112P –
H4N Recorder –
Manfrotto Tripod –
Manfrotto Monopod –
iFootage Shark Slider S1 –
Mavic Pro Drone –
Macbook Pro 15 W/ Touch Bar –

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  1. I’m going to buy clay pots today!!!!!! My husband said he can’t believe you haven’t been offered a tv show yet!!!! I can’t say it enough you have everything Martha Stewart ever had and more! So lovely to watch!

  2. Thank you for such a sweet comment! 🙂 <3

  3. I agree…Laura should have a TV show for sure!!! Hey HGTV are you watching 😀

  4. You need a TV show!!!! I know that everyone I tell about your channel they all end up watching you on a regular basis. Btw I would love it if you vlogged about your day!

  5. Ever since I started watching Laura I thought the same thing about her having her own tv show, some day I betcha it happens 😀

  6. Did you just paint those back two walls? I love the posters or pictures you put up!

  7. I did!!! I painted it a dark green/gray- the plywood was making everything look too orange (not great for pictures). 😉 I’m loving it now! It feels much more put together than before!

  8. I love it !! It adds so much to your video and the cold frame/green house. Beautiful color choice and brings the wood out too. Adds a lot of interest and depth! Now if you could just bottle your energy I would like to place an order !!

  9. Wooow !! It’s so beautiful :)))) 😘

  10. oooh! I love it! 😍😊👍

  11. Where can I buy the flower aranngment.. succulent plants

  12. oh my granddaughter would just njoy doing this shes 8

  13. Nice job & positive attitude…..pleasure to listen to your demo. Thank you.

  14. Jaqueline Tavares Santos

    Lindo demais parabéns!

  15. I’m gonna make a 3 tier fairy garden, except it will be desert themed with lots of cacti and with desert animals!

  16. very nice, love the choice of backgrd music, perfect

  17. Had not seen this yet and was so happy to see. Shared it online for others on our page to see. “Green Thumb in the Dirt” on Facebook. Love all your stuff you share and your video! Can’t wait till your next exhibit show you are going to. The last one was so awesome! And by seeing some of your videos I am assuming you got a drone for overview video which I loved in your last exhibition you went to and I see you used it when they took down that tree at your home! What a lovely way to make your video and what you are doing stretch to go further and to show everyone what you guys see that we can’t. Thank you for all the sharing you do. I am so addicted to watch everything just about. Have a nice day and God’s Speed on great health with you and your new baby boy coming soon can’t wait! So thrilled! <3

  18. I love this!! I love Alice in Wonderland.

  19. Can you make a “Dinosaur Garden”? LOVE your videos!!

  20. Queen slay the plants slay the theme

  21. Hi I love your fairy garden videos thank you for making them

  22. Can I use epsom salt or baking soda in plants indoor thanks

  23. Olá.. .não tem como por legenda em português?

  24. Enchanting as always. I love these Garden Answer videos! And I love fairy gardens! (And hobbit patches too.) I’ve got three fairy gardens on the balcony right now.

  25. SO talented ! Makes me want to start with succulents now. !

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