Affordable Dust Collection for the Home Workshop

Having a method for dust extraction in the shop is important, but if you have a small shop or work out of your garage it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Read more here ►►

RIGID 4 GALLON WET/DRY VAC. Mine is slightly different, purchased at Home Depot. Don't get anything less than 5 horsepower ►

THE DUST DEPUTY cyclone is much more affordable than my Clear Vue. I've used both and there isn't any real difference in quality.►
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  1. Dust extraction is something we all have to deal with in a woodshop. If you
    work in a small space or out of your garage, you don’t have to install an
    expensive, complicated system to get good results. I get by with a shop vac
    and a cyclone dust separator. More info If you are
    interested in the components I use, check the links in the description.

  2. I hope you get 666,666 subscrbers in time for Halloween.

  3. add some hooks for the hose and the power cable

  4. 3 subs til 666,000

  5. rhaacke he is gonna get that in like an hour

  6. The Horsepower claims on tools like shopvacs and portable table saws,
    basically anything with a universal motor, are BOGUS MARKETING MUMBO
    JUMBO!!! The maximum amount of horsepower you can get out of a standard
    outlet is at most 2hp…… When you buy a vaccuum, research the amount of
    suction pressure and CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air that it moves.
    Higher CFM = better dust collection!

  7. Another great use for a wet/dry vac….instead of spending $50 on a pipe
    snake to clear a plugged drain or clogged toilet, use the wet/dry! Yes,
    sounds weird, but if you create an air dam around the vac hose in the
    toilet bowl, the vac will create a HUGE amount of pressure in and out.
    Worked wonders for me.

  8. Adding a bag to the inside of the wet/dry vac is helpful to preserve the
    life of the filter. Most manufacturers like Ridgid and ShopVac sell bags
    specifically made for the various size of their vacs and this can act as
    another “stage” to prolong the life of the filter.

  9. i think i would have tried stacking them. do you think the slenderness
    could be mitigated so it doesnt fall over?

  10. Jay Bates has a video doing just this. He designs his like a hand-truck.

  11. They make fantastic emergency-pumps. I used mine to empty a washing machine
    after the motor died mid-cycle.

  12. This movable unit looks very useful to me. Maybe I’ll make one. One
    question: what does the cyclone top do extra/better?
    Last winter I made a simple dust collection system which contains of an old
    home vac and a bin which should originally be for ash
    from wood stoves etc. At first it didn’t work so I changed some things. Now
    it works rather well but I do not have that
    cyclone top.

  13. The dust deputy (alone) at A$252.35 is a little out of my range at this

  14. Did you watch the video? He went over the benefits of the cyclone.

  15. Make sure the wheel base is a few inches wider than the girthiest point and
    you should be OK. Yay Physics!

  16. Yes of course I watched the video. And after your reaction I watched it
    another two times.
    And I read the article. But still my question remains: what does the
    cyclone top do extra/better?
    With the cyclone top I mean the “plexi glass” funnel, not the bin under it.
    I have a bin but not that plexi glas funnel. The biggest part of the
    sawdust ends in that bin, not in the vac.
    But I do not know what %, but for sure far more than 50. The 99% which is
    mentioned in the video is correct, estimated or …….

  17. “Girthiest” is now my favorite word for the week.

  18. Yep, that’s true. Volts x Amps = Watts, and 746W = 1hp. Taking my router as
    an example, 115V x 12A = 1380W = 1.85hp. From this anyone can see claims of
    3.25hp for a 115V router are impossible unless it’s drawing 20 amps.

  19. I have a shop vac that comes with one or those filters he had at 3:19. Do i
    need to leave this in, whenever i vacuum out a car i take the filter out. I
    see no point in the filter when vacuuming saw dust because wont it just get
    clogged? Why not leave the filter out? I also saw something about a Vacuum
    bag for shop vacs, is this needed?

  20. The filter keeps stuff out of the motor, so it’s pretty important to have
    that in whenever the vac is running. I use a bag in addition to the paper
    filter – it catches all the dust before it gets to the filter, so the
    airflow stays good until it’s actually full. A cyclone would be better, but
    I haven’t gotten one yet.

  21. I Use a leaf Blower to blow out my shop

  22. You should use a bag over the existing filter. I have a Douglas shop vac
    and it’s pushing 35 years old. I’ve always used a bag over the filter and I
    have yet to replace the filter. if you’re going to use the vac to suck up
    liquids, remove the filter bag first. Harbor freight sells these bags 3 for
    5 bucks. They have an elastic top and should fit over any filter.

  23. do u use your sawdust for anything ? or do you toss it in the garbage ?

  24. Great idea in theory, but I don’t think I’d like what was clogging my
    toilet to be in my shop-vac. I’d probably strike that one from the list. 😛

  25. +Dosbomber It’s not theory. I had an impossible clog that plunging for 2
    hours didn’t help. Luckily there was only clear water left in the bowl. I
    didn’t want to spend $50 on a snake for a 1 time use, so I spent $70 on a
    wet/dry. I put the vac hose as far in the flush hole as I could, then
    surrounded the hose with small towels. I kept the lid as far down as I
    could, expecting blowback. It wasn’t messy, and a few short on/off’s did
    the trick.

  26. +Path in AZ
    Clear water would make a world of difference.

  27. I’ve seen a lot of folks use a pantyhose sock over the filter to act as a
    pre-filter that keeps most. of the sawdust out. a cheap alternative to a
    bag. great tips here!

  28. The clear funnel looks cool and they sale more of them. My box, like yours
    works fine.

  29. Hmm … good point. If you compost, you can use it in there as a source of
    “brown” material.

  30. Henry Ford had the same question. He hired E. G. Kingsford to find a use
    for waste sawdust and scrap lumber. The result was charcoal briquettes.
    Sawdust can also be mixed with glue and pressed into particle board.

  31. Emmit Stewart good for chicken coops too for bedding .

  32. Humm, fast and easy. You most be a lazy boy…

    So why I never thing about this before ?

  33. Certain wood species are not good for compost. Black walnut has a compound
    in it that poisons the soil so only black walnut grows

  34. Garrett Ducat did not know that

  35. Steve Ramsey

  36. you passed the 666 666 suscribers near halloween without problems ??????

  37. Haha…Hail Satan!

  38. Steve, what are you using to draw up plans?

  39. +Joshua McIntosh Sketchup

  40. The cyclone is a separator. Large dust particles and debris get separated
    into the canister by a combination of vortex and gravity. As they spin
    around the side they lose momentum and fall. Only the finest, I think less
    than 10microns? Makes it into the shop vac filter. This greatly, I mean
    GREATLY extends the life of the shopvac filters.

  41. +Darren Murrey
    BTW You noted that Carbatec list that as the “deluxe kit” – as far as I can
    tell that is the standard kit in the US.

  42. Awesome! I’m on it for my shamefully dusty shop – thank you Steve.

  43. that’s not a shop vac. it’s a rigid.

  44. + Rudyard Kipling
    Yes, it looks like that is the case. I live in Sydney Aust. and recently
    bought the DD “deluxe kit” from Carbatec. For the price it was great.
    Everything I needed to hook up to my shop vac and it came with 2 buckets.
    I’m very happy with the DD. If you live in Aust. it’s hard to go past it
    for a smallish home workshop IMHO.

  45. +Darren Murrey
    So you would say it’s worth the $212? – I suppose in the scheme of things
    that’s not a lot if the system works well.

  46. +Rudyard Kipling
    It does work well and I couldn’t make one myself for that kind of price.
    I’m assuming the price you’re stating here includes some shipping .
    Initially I baulked at paying around $200 for some moulded plastic and a
    couple of buckets, but it does have fittings, castors and hose included as

  47. +Darren Murrey
    Yes that’s with their estimated shipping

  48. Lmao! ^ That comment is one of the many reasons I’m a subscriber. You have
    a hilarious and normal sense of humor, and you aren’t afraid to show it.
    Great idea on the cart.

  49. picky pic ky picky!!! A rigid What ?

  50. I make my kids clean up the saw dust lol

  51. +relentlessmadman
    duh, vacuum cleaner. a wet-dry vacuum, if you like. do you shop for
    hewlett-packard “xerox” machines too?

  52. +Chris R who has money to shop with? and his is right you have to keep the
    filter clean, no matter the BRAND name!

  53. Hugh Graham Eglinton

    Joshua McIntosh

  54. Love your gold plated switch cover, but what’s up with the lonely = sign
    above the screwdriver rack?

  55. double-ditto

  56. Hooks for the power cable and a nice push handle and its perfect man great
    idea gonna make me one of these today

  57. Add a handle to the cart so that you dont have to yank on the cyclone all
    the time, itll probably break off that way

    Just screw on a simple frame to the sides maybe

  58. Uh, if you dont use the filter, then anything it is sucking in, it is just
    blowing right back out. (Unless you are using a bag)

  59. and apply a few coats of spray lacquer to be sure 🙂

  60. maybe a push handle?

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