1. Seriously, this is the best and easiest to follow tutorial on drawer
    dividers. I’ll be making mine just like yours 😉


  2. Excellent, I’ve just stumpled upon your channel, I like your way of
    organising drawer. Then I was a child, I made similar system for the
    drawers of my desk, only using a thin plywood and a cardboard (because at
    the time I had very few tools, all of them were hand tools).

    Also I have to say that I like then women doing woodworking. I believe that
    there is no such thing as men or women-only crafts, like «knitting for
    women and woodworking for men». Such women as you, Darbin Orvar and so on
    are helping to destroy theese stereotypes. I’m russian and it’s a pity that
    in russian youtube (I mean the channels on youtube runned by
    russian-speaking users) there are no women who doing woodworking.

    I wish you good luck and sorry for my english, I can easily read english
    and understand spoken english, but have not enough opportunites for
    training my speaking and writing skills.

  3. Sandra Powell aka {Sawdust Girl}

    Dang! Your skills for writing English look pretty awesome to me. Better
    than some English speaking people write. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  4. Sandra Powell aka {Sawdust Girl}

    Awesome. Thanks!

  5. Scott Campbell (c4mpbell)

    I like it but i’d have it disorganised within a week lol

  6. Nice work.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  7. good… really…

  8. Amazing! Great drawer organizer!

  9. marry me !

  10. For tiny stuff you could use a bit of curved molding down in bottom to
    allow sweeping things up.

  11. I’m impressed. It’s tedious work but the end result is worth it.

  12. Really good and easy to follow you could make a 1/2 or 1/3rd width tray to
    fit in that could slide from back to front or side to side so you could get
    to things underneath and this would give you more storage space,


  13. it’s really cool. Thank your for sharing good idea.

  14. As a senior I have built many drawers so here is some serior wisdom.
    1. All screws come loose in normal use so if it moves use epoxy on the
    2. Nails (see screws)
    3. When there is a metal option take it metal leg sets hold up better. But
    look for failure points metal will bend if you stress it. Reinforce any
    failure points.
    5. Roll away tool boxes are great but they all come with cheap casters
    replace them and reinforce the bottom these bend & flex use 3/4 to 1″
    plywood minimum. This includes the real expensive ones
    6. Reinforce anything that needs it before you put it in service, it so
    much easier to fix them when they are empty and before they get damaged.
    7. Look at scrap wire racks, displays from retail stores some items are
    gems some are dogs.
    8. Cheap kitchen cabinets make poor shop cabinets, see nails and screws.
    9. Get a system to manage hardware, I like a diy sortimo system, but this
    should one of your first projects
    10. Buying tool look at piece count the lower the cost per piece the
    better. Garage sales good, I find tools show up in the last two weeks of
    the month. Again the more you buy the more you save, bundle, buy bags, bulk
    pays, old power tools and hand tools are great deals look at under loved

  15. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I noticed you’re not using a dado stack to cut your dadoes. Are you using a
    blade with flat teeth on your table saw or a combo blade for ripping and
    smooth cuts? I’m learning to do dadoes with my router and straight bit, but
    it’s slow going at times. :p

  17. Hi great video excellent ideas 🙂 can you recommend a wood that doen’t
    cause steel to rust ? I want to make some holders for collets by drilling a
    series of inline holes in a length of wood..

  18. Nice, and I too love to use scrap wood for my in-shop stuff.

  19. I feel the same way .Functional over perfect in the shop. Looks great I’m
    still going through organization in my garage due to the tight space but it
    will get there . Or close to it lol

  20. Very nicely done, Sawdust Girl. You have an nice way of explaining things
    that makes it easy to follow.

  21. how can I make those channels with only circular saw…?

  22. Awesome I’m so jealous.. I want to come over & have u build me one heehee

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