Adam Savage’s Custom Tool Storage Stands

As discussed on a previous episode of Still Untitled, Adam's stand on storage drawers is that they're where tools go to get lost. To keep his essential workshop tools easily accessible, he built these custom stands as a solution for organizing all of his hand tools. Adam explains the design of these stands and shows off some of the more esoteric tools they keep within reach.

Shot and Edited by Joey Fameli

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Adam Savage
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  1. If you cant get your hands on one of those medical stapler thingys he showed, get a pistol grip fish hook remover

  2. This man’s head is going at 5000 rpm

    He’s pretty awesome.

  3. I think you’re missing a 0

  4. WHHY does no one on this channel that is talking to Adam, just let him finish his thoughts? Constant interrupting and trying to finish his sentences. Just let the man talk. Ask a question, let him finish the answer.

  5. Id have to agree

  6. very similar to tom liptons hammer rack

  7. Yes, a bit frustrating from an audience perspective. They just have bad social interaction skills, and honestly I’m surprised they’re hosts. I have this issue to a small degree, but then again, I’d never accept a hosting position.

  8. what a savage

  9. I feel like they know something we dont, and that Adam may be a long winded kind of person. They (including him) may be used to this and it’s only frustrating for us. Surely it accelerates video editing time. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be stuck editing video for longer than they need to when one can be working with Adam and his crew of awesome people.

  10. Handling bottles of super glue is a great time to have an itchy eye, 7:37

  11. thank YOU ,,I have been looking for some thing to go down into my sparkplug hole to pick up a washer that fell in ..that is going to do the trick!!!!

  12. deepsquat600 That is exactly what i used mine for!!! I found mine at Gander Mtn. on sale for 5$ and knew it would be perfect.

  13. Cut piano wire all day…. Something an Assassin would say

  14. ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

    Good idea! I still work out of a LARGE tool box,but I just don’t have the space for a roll around “cart”.

  15. Very good idea, but it will not work for me. I bring my tools to various job sites. So a 5-gallon plastic bucket is my solution.

  16. The Knipex pliers is the best in the world, BUT it is NOT pronounced nipex, The K is NOT silent…..many people think that…

  17. Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev

    Wrong, you can build a first order retrievability bag:

  18. adam is cool……

  19. Ebay. Laparoscopic surgical instruments

  20. You can also use water as an accelerant for cyanoacrylates glue. Just spray the water on with a mister.

  21. Make friends with a surgical nurse. Hospitals use those, and many other tools, once and then throw them away.

  22. Can we say “Kaizen”? 😉

  23. Damn it now I want my own workshop to create stuff and thangs.

  24. 1:07 That bright metal tool in the middle with the round tip is called a double-action liston bone cutter. It’s a surgical instrument used for cutting small bones like metatarsals or metacarpals (toes and fingers and such). Probably costs around $300.

  25. It helps to have a gigantic dedicated workshop.

  26. Like WTF?! How many scissors does one need? How often are you gonna get it wrong until you find the right scissors?

  27. External Hard Drive

    That was great but a bit confusing. Are _”F Drawers”_ a brand name? I can’t seem to find them online anywhere.

  28. Kah-ni-pex

  29. ARenaissanceishMan

    Boy i sure do love tools..wish I had that collection

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