A Tour of My 5 x 14 Foot Workshop–How to make a tiny room very useful

Hello everybody!
So today, I've got a video for you where I tour my workshop (which I affectionately call my "lair") and show how my dad and I built it. Maybe you an take some ideas from it and apply them to your next home improvement project.

Anyway, this room is where I do a lot of my projects, as well as video editing. Improvements are constantly being made, but I feel the room is good enough today to show it to you.



  1. this is pretty cool how it is set up

  2. For a minute I thought this video was from 1997.  Just kidding.  Nice use of a small space.

  3. i feel my  claustrophobic setting in 
    nice use of space tho

  4. I’m electronics hobbyist and I have quite a lot of stuff too, working in shed when it’s summer and in bedroom when it is cold. Recently parents cleaned up small place that was used for storage (because I made a mess every time when I work in bedroom), just a small table and few extra square feets, but I’m satisfied with it. At least temperature there doesn’t drop below freezing 🙂

  5. Jonathan Karloski

    Sounds like it use to be an old coal room. people come and dump coal in it for furnace

  6. I would have loved to have been able to have a space like this when I was younger.

  7. Big plus for having the Commodore 64. 🙂 A little minus for planning to place a 2.45GHz transceiver near your head (when you’d be sitting at the computer). You don’t want a semi-randomly pulsating (modulated by datatransfer) 2.45GHz carrierwave anywhere nearer than 2m (that’s ca. 6 feet) from your head if you plan to spend over an hour in such place. Depends on the transceiver power though. Props for utilizing a small space and making it useful. Keep up the good work.

  8. Great work counter and awesome lair.

  9. LoreZyra's Asian Clicks

    Not sure how deep in the ground that room is… but the size of that room is perfect for a small wine cellar.

  10. Kudos to you and your dad! Brilliant use of a small space!

  11. ic commI made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you’d like do the same

  12. Sounds like it may have been a fruit cellar.

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