1. Any plan or “blueprint” to show how to build this wonderfull bench??

  2. +Daniel Dupuis Coming soon, I hope. I have been so busy using this bench I
    haven’t had time to do much else. I will put that higher up on my to do
    list….Thanks for asking.

  3. Thank you so much! I’m new to “woodworking”. So our first thing to do is
    building a convenient shop and good working bench, like this one! Thank’s

  4. Great workbench. Looking foward for the plans

  5. Very useful! Would love to see the plans.

  6. I’m assuming you used a cam on each end to raise it? I’m trying to do
    something just like to my bench…but not sure exactly what material to use
    for crank, shaft, etc.

  7. +gratefulRed69 I actually used a rod that extends downward from the rear of
    the lever (that I push down on to raise the table), and the other end of
    the rod attaches to a wheel caster assembly that rotates when the lever is
    pushed/rod is pulled. That action rotates the wheel assembly and causes the
    wheels to lower and raise the table. Confused? I am from reading it. I will
    try to post something this weekend, with pics or drawings explaining it,
    soooo sorry to anyone who has been waiting on me to do that.

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