A General Guide To Making Cabinets (a visual guide) – 169

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Subscribe for new videos every week. A relative asked if I could make her a pair of vanities for her new-to-her home. The project was a budget friendly project. She agreed to using pine and early american minwax stain.This video is not intended to be a step by step tutorial on making these two cabinets.


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  1. Hi, I just wanted to clarify something. I saw a Kreg skills video on YouTube that allowed you to connect panels at 90° joints. On another video, I heard that such a joint isn’t too strong, is that true? Also if they were in fact talking rubbish, what’s your opinion on it as I’m making a cabinet myself. Would it matter if the pocket holes were made from the outside of the unit, drilling into the unit to connect the panels at that angel, or from the inside of the unit going out? I assume that the first option would be stronger as you’re going into more area of the panel, although you’d be left with a pocket hole on the outside to conceal? Thank you for the video! Awesome

  2. Pocket hole screw joints are not the strongest joint. But they are plenty strong enough for stationary cabinets in an application such as this. I wouldn’t use them in a cantilevered application or an application that requires the strength of a mortise and tenon joint.

  3. pretty cool to see this older video before you made your current shop.

  4. Why the long shaft on the drill?

  5. I prefer it.

  6. Holy crap that pocket hole machine… my god

  7. Brilliantly done.!!! Your video editing is flawless and amusing too…


  9. fantastic video with great editing. I’ve just subscribed.

  10. Great overview, really appreciate the insight and quality of the video. Gave me the encouragement and added confidence to tackle the cabinet I am making currently working on for my kitchen. I was getting ready to start on my project and came across your video. Did you produce this video yourself? Thanks a bunch! great work !

  11. Man, I’ve watched several of your vids over the past half year.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s nothing against you, but this video with the fast pace and no talking is FANTASTIC.

    The vast majority of people who watch these vids are already woodworkers, and hearing basic explanations over and over again is tedious.

    This vid has earned you a subscriber.

  12. Maybe the author of the video or someone else can answer this question. When you are using your rail saw, how do you NOT cut into the surface beneath? You have to completely cut the piece full depth but the underlying surface (workbench in this case) is just a millimeter away. How come it doesn’t get cut?

  13. You can either raise the board you’re cutting by using strips underneath the board, and setting the depth of cut on your saw so that it doesn’t cut too deep, or you can put a sacrificial board on your work bench and cut into that (with your depth of cut set on the saw too).

  14. It’s also sometimes difficult to get to the screw with a std bit. The drill itself gets in the way.

  15. wow… I didn’t know that the pocket hole machine was that easy to use… makes me question why I am messing with the bench jig… oh yeah… number of times I have used it.

  16. Just started following you. Impressed how straight forward all your work is performed.

  17. Lance Sheppard {Little River Lawn Care}

    I just fell in love with that pocket hole machine!

  18. Very nice work, I’m joining the crowd in saying I fell in love with the Kreg Table. I do have to say though I dislike the choice of drawer rails, stain color, and of course that counter top haha! Guessing this is going to a hunting camp or some sort of cheap housing?? Either way, nice tools, and nice work. Now, how to convince my wife $400 of our hard earned money needs to be used on a Kreg Jig Table…

  19. I really enjoyed watching this video! The camera work made it hard to look away haha. I have to draw millwork plans for one of my courses so seeing the way it all fit together was helpful

  20. That was awesome dude. It was great how you showed a general how-to.

  21. You’re awesome!

  22. You did a Great Job… I love the color you put on them… I can not find a Cabinet maker in League city TEXAS… SAD BUT TRUE..

  23. Amazing and funny. Thanks a lot. I will be watching for more.

  24. what kind of coffee do you drink? it’s as if your working in fast motion 😉 subbed

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