A few tips on the tools you’ll need to start woodworking.

People often ask me what tools should they buy first, to get started in woodworking. Well my advice in this order is. A good table saw with a good fence, I suggest a Biesemeyer fence, a sliding compound miter saw and a 18 gage nail gun and compressor combo kit. That will get you started in the shop. For hand tool and I'm referring too power hand tools start with a cordless drill/ screw gun, a circular saw and a jig saw. For sanding I like the Bosch belt sander 4 x 24 and the porter cable palm sander


  1. No router?

  2. If money is no object, Laguna Tools has some nice precision combination
    machines. Radial arm saw went out of style years ago and you could get a
    used one at a good price. You could cross cut, rip, plane, sand, do
    moldings, even compound dados and a few other things with the right
    attachments. Could be a little intimidating doing rip cuts.

    Something like the Festoot track saw could do a lot of table saw operations
    and some even the table saw can’t do.

    There is a whole world of hand tools – nothing with a motor on it. I like
    the Japanese hand tools for precise woodworking. 

  3. I noticed that you make a lot of artist equipment, frames, etc. Have you
    made any artist’s easels? I want to construct my own H-frame artist easel
    and looking for a good design. There are a few videos on YT but not many.

  4. jon good job I AM also a carpenter in india i love your video ,

  5. today i feel proud seeing your work ,thing are diffrent here in india 

  6. thank you i thinks this video will help me for my projects.

  7. Jon Peters Art & Home

    Your welcome Paul, good luck with your project.

  8. Triforce on the bandsay in the back xD 1:50

  9. +Jon Peters Art & Home
    Do you take in apprentice? I really love working with woods.

  10. those cordless circs die fast. I like cored ed power tools except drill
    and impact

  11. So, after seeing lots of vids like this, everyone says something different,
    but they always say the same for number one most important shop tool: Table
    saw. Too bad it is normally the most expensive of the list LOL.

  12. Finding the place to store a table saw and I’m sure a lot of us it’s the
    money what’s the best alternative 

  13. Just curious, as an amateur wood worker, I am shopping for tools that I
    need when ever I can, do you have any preference to any brands of tools
    that you notice out perform others? Or are they all so close that it
    depends on who has the better sale price or package?
    I ask this because I notice quite a difference in brands among your tools
    but no ryobi (not picking on ryobi, just that brand comes to mind) tools in
    your set.

  14. Jon Peters Art & Home

    Hi Anthony, I try to avoid Ryobi just not a big fan

  15. +Jon Peters Art & Home
    Great to know, thank you! I enjoy learning great tips and tricks in your
    videos, and hope that sometime you could maybe make one on what to look for
    when buying a tool, maybe even as far as saw blades and drill bits and
    such. Im sure with your experience you have favorites and reasons for
    them. Thank you for the response and I look forward to more videos.

  16. Jon Peters Art & Home

    That’s a good idea I’ll do that

  17. if i have all those tool i will start my own business 

  18. +John Sittingdown A circular saw and a jig for it

  19. a good brand a is craftsman good quality or rigide they are a little more
    expensive worth the momey

  20. umm cordless saws don’t run out extremely,fast with a sharp blade but the
    cord and cordless both have pro and cons

  21. Why a nailgun al you need to drive a nail is a hammer

  22. Some woodworking plans aren’t written by wood workers. Therefore they
    cannot explain why a step doesn’t seem right. It means you are prone to end
    up in failure using lack of detail instruction.

  23. +Vidal Price You will want to spend your time and effort on building, not
    on aggravating by unfinished project. Go here for helpful tips that ensure
    your success:

  24. +Brenden Timmermans
    Nailguns have many advantages over hammers.
    Nailguns are a lot quicker.
    Nailguns only need one hand to operate. You’d have to hold the nail until
    you hit it at least once.
    And you may not know this but the glue that’s used to hold the nails
    together acts as an adhesive once it’s fired into the wood making the
    connection even stronger.

  25. Got it all but the handheld belt sander but I do have a tabletop belt /
    disk sander.. Now all I need is the practice and hopefully an increasing
    skill level.

  26. Or a tracksaw and DIY tracks!

  27. Download 16.000 Woodworking Plans With Detailed Photos Here

    Use normal safety procedures when using power tools, including safety
    glasses, and a dust mask when cutting treated wood.

  28. Download 16.000 Woodworking Plans With Detailed Photos Here

    Also, make sure keep your work area clear.

  29. what about a random ortiabl sander

  30. Not a huge fan of Ryobi but they r good for DIY. Keep in mind that Ryobi,
    Ridgid and Milwaukee all all owned by the same company, Ryobi is just their
    lower end brand that’s mostly for DIY and is good if your not using your
    tools a lot and of course Milwaukee makes excellent high end tools but if u
    don’t use them every day it’s overkill. Dewalt is a good brand and I had a
    ton of Dewalt tools mostly cordless 18 volt Ni-Cad and got a few Lithium
    Ion tools when they came out along with 3 lithium ion batteries year ago
    and they were excellent tools however they got stolen and after that I got
    just a Ridgid 18 Volt drill and impact gun which were nice dependable tools
    but nothing that wowed me, however when tiling my house I bought an
    expensive 7″ Ridgid tile saw and it’s amazing, durable, dependable and
    great features and I got mine back when it still came with the fold up
    rolling stand that u can kick a lever and go from rolling cart to stand in
    literally a few seconds. But starting this year I have bought an army of
    Ridgid tools and it all started with a deal I got on an 18 Volt brushless
    motor hammer drill and a brushless motor full 7-1/4″ saw with 2 batteries
    and a charger for only $150 (just the saw as a bare tool is $140 now so I
    scored big) I won’t get into all the tools but I’m up to 13 Ridgid Tools
    and 7 batteries and I love their Gen4x tools, I have a couple but their new
    Gen5x line has blown me away they are such high quality, get excellent
    runtime, a lot have brushless motors, they r innovative with great
    features, the Ridgid impact I have is an impulse driver it uses oil to
    drive the mechanism making it super quiet and it’s a total beast, also the
    variety of their tools is great, I got a fan they offer and a nice stereo
    with Bluetooth and both the fan and stereo can run off batteries or 110
    wall outlets and I don’t have them but I plan on getting their cordless
    blower and 2 of their new hybrid floodlights which will both run on battery
    or an outlet, and the best thing with Ridgid as long as you register your
    tools online within 90 days of purchasing them u get a lifetime warranty.
    Anyways Ridgid is just my personal preference I think they r excellent high
    quality tools and are still affordable, I used to be a hardcore Dewalt guy
    and I bought Dewalt because of the name but after my Dewalt tools got
    stolen and I got into Ridgid and they earned my business with their
    excellent tools and now if someone would trade out my Ridgid tools for
    Dewalt tools I’d tell them now way I’m not giving up my Ridgid tools! But
    don’t get me wrong here Dewalt still makes excellent tools Ridgid has just
    become my personal preference and I recommend them because I like them.
    depending on your needs and budget I would recommend Ridgid, Milwaukee,
    Dewalt, Makita, which r all excellent tools I’ve used, maybe Bosch not sure
    cuz my dad burned up 4 of their 18volt hammer drills while we were doing a
    larger project that required a ton of concrete drilling and we ended up
    using my 18volt Dewalt to do all the hammer drilling in the concrete no
    problems and it was a lot, I haven’t used Porter Cable cordless tools but
    I’ve heard they r OK but personally I wouldn’t buy them, Ryobi I’m not a
    huge fan of their cordless tools but they r good tools for DIY I actually
    bought a Ryobi 10″ sliding compound miter saw with laser cuz I got it for
    only $135 new and I had been wanting one but I knew it wouldn’t see a ton
    of use so I didn’t want to spent a ton of money and I use it a couple of
    times a week and it has been a great saw very accurate with precision and
    easy to use, i had only previously has just a little experience with small
    chopsaws just cutting straight 90 degree angles so the Ryobi I got was the
    first one I ever actually owned and I had never even used a sliding miter
    saw before or a saw with a bevel, I will say I’ve worked with tools my
    whole life and am very mechanically inclined, and I had my Ryobi out of the
    box and I adjusted it and got everything in square in 15 minutes and then
    it was making perfect cuts but still I think it would be easy for even a
    beginner to set up, I recently used it to cut my pieces while laying a
    laminate floor and cutting moldings and it did a beautiful job! But when it
    comes down to it my advice to you is talk to people to see what brand they
    like and why and get something that will fit your needs and applications!
    One last thing I should mention is once u get into a brand of cordless
    tools u better make sure its the brand u want cuz in a sense u will be
    locked into that brand of cordless tools, if u start to buy more than one
    brand that’s extra different batteries u will have to buy and then pack
    around and that’s no good, I’m 13 tools deep into Ridgid so there’s no way
    I’ll be buying any other brand now so I’m glad I got a brand I really like

  31. Ya a random orbital is a must for me, I don’t use a 5″ electric though, I
    have a huge 60 gallon air compressor with a 3.7hp motor that puts our
    11.5cfm at 90psi running on 220 power with it’s own dedicated dual pole
    30amp breaker so it’s no joke it’s a big boy! so since I have a big enough
    compressor I use an air powered random orbital cuz they r more powerful IMO
    more powerful and I can use on wood as well as use it to sand down cars
    before I paint them. But RO sanders r total air hogs and will tax even my
    big compressor. I have never had to stop sanding but the motor will kick on
    after a couple minutes and stay on until I stop sanding and then it will
    recover and the motor will shut off, I have used a 30 gallon compressor to
    sand a SUV with my RO before but I could only sand for 1 minute and then
    have to wait 3-4 minutes for the compressor to recover so if u want to run
    an RO sander I would personally get a big compressor and an air powered RO,
    but if ur not up to make that big enough investment get yourself an
    electric RO, The can still be good sanders, in fact there’s a Cordless RO
    for Ridgid I’d love to add to my Ridgid cordless arsenal, that’d put my up
    to 14 Ridgid cordless tools lol However I still do have a jitterbug sander
    like he showed for getting a nice fine finish when working on higher end
    wood projects.

  32. Not anymore cordless technology has come a long way. back when I had a
    18volt Ni-cad Dewalt 6-1/2″ circ saw I used it way more than a corded saw
    and now I have a Ridgid circ saw with a brushless motor and a full 7-1/4″
    blade that uses Lithium Ion batteries and it will lay waste to my corded
    circ saw and with a 4.0amp battery it’ll run forever on a single charge and
    I always have another battery waiting if I need it, however in the 10
    months I’ve had it I’ve never run a battery dead on a job in one day cuz it
    gets such good runtime. All my corded circ saw is good for now is a paper
    weight, I haven’t used it once since I got my new cordless Ridgid circ saw!

  33. ha I didn’t even notice that, that’s freaking sweet!

  34. Thank you for your answer Chevy513

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