1. I love how you clean your dust collector filter with another dust collector

  2. its the big one that goes trough like a super big container remember ^^ but still funny ^^

  3. I think several small collectors is a great idea. Your results validate the concept. I too dislike a larger system’s infrastructure.

  4. JackHog123

  5. GroundFloorElectronic

    You should get rid of them, they’re just sitting there collecting dust…

  6. In a related story, the marketing team for Garrison’s filters is said to still be celebrating with cocaine and strippers to this day.

  7. This is one of the funnier comments ever

  8. Filterception

  9. I other news, twelve 3M engineers have been found dead in a dilapidated factory, having committed seppuku.

  10. I would much prefer to empty a small one as needed than a large one basically ever.

  11. No John. It isn’t. When you factor in all the tubing that has to be cleaned in a central system you have much less work with individual boxes. Plus , every time you add a bend in the collection tube you lose efficiency and the same is true with the longer the run. So, you are wrong about everything. CONGRATULATIONS

  12. Godinn, I think you missed the point Jon was trying to make. from what I understand he was all for this project, but have an option to those that didn’t want to built it themselves, hence getting a smaller system cheaper from someone upgrading their system to a bigger one

  13. +Jeff MacDonald I knew someone else would catch that. I like how he missed my point *entirely* and even spelled my name wrong, while stating that I am wrong about everything. Fascinatingly confident for someone so clearly mistaken.

  14. This also comes in handy when you don’t want to haul around a long hose across a really big shop and need something that you may not use all the time but every once in a blue moon. I could see this being effective on job sites with smaller application like when cutting in somebody’s driveway or kitchen…

  15. lawling pretty heartily.

  16. Ironic, since they are shorting a fine powder up their nose.

  17. I thought the same thing LOL !!!

  18. Think that if he collected the dust from the filter with that same dust collector what he cleaned.

  19. if u got few machines close to each other than just connet 1 collector to the main power switch to each machine. whenever u turn either of machines collector will to cuz you connected same phase to two diferent switches and for power to not leak backwards just add diode or e switch. dont waste resources (something is wrong and verry stupid)

  20. Do learn about what AC current is

  21. wrong words-AC1+diode=>relay(add capacitor)<=diode+AC2. throug relay pass ac for your collector.

  22. Federico Echenike

    jajajaja,si llegas a encender todas al mismo tiempo, te chupa el taller, jajaja

  23. I just roll my huge Craftsman shop vac to the machine I’m working on. I don’t need all the Hampster habitat all around my shop.

  24. Matthias Wandel

    that’s an awful lot of rolling back an forth!

  25. Woodworking is not s sprint, it’s a marathon. Your individual dust collectors are actually pretty slick.

  26. Henning Holthusen

    Where is the riving knife??

  27. two thumbs up

  28. A true craftsman! Well done!

  29. What? Where? Strippers in dust?

  30. Wonderful use of shop tools as always Mathew, thanks for the inspiration …

  31. Thanks for promoting my filters, nothing gets past a Garrison.

  32. it’s a filter, why is it different?

  33. Well done, an elegant answer.

  34. Good job. Good ideas for the novice arkwright.

  35. Turn them into speaker enclosures

  36. What MERV rating do you use for the filter?

  37. So the second filter shows you a gap at the top. To prevent bypass, tape in each filter, and it will improve your already exceptional performance.

  38. Great; now you only have 7 filter systems to clean-out… This totally defies the purpose of a central dust collection system.

  39. so Mathew I’m making a portable dust sucking box with a 12 volt moter from a 1983 RV AC/Heater for when your driving and using making it for chop saw’ disc and belt sander’ and table saw

  40. It’s not the price or name brand of the filter but the micron particle size it filters and the resistance of air through it. If it helps

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