5 Woodworking tools you have to see! Power Chisel, Dovetail Guide, Helical Cutter Heads +More


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  1. Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop

    Thank you so much for trying my Dovetail Jig out. Glad you liked it!

  2. Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop

    +Stumpy Nubs (James Hamilton) can’t thank you enough James!

  3. I think it is cool as well SO if it accidently gets slipped into my apron
    and makes it’s way next door to the HomeMade Work Shop, well what can I

  4. Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop

    +MustacheMike hahahaha. If you can’t pry it away from James shoot me an
    email. I’ll send you one!

  5. Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop
  6. I have the same issue with my tools and if and I mean if I let a buddy ”
    barrow” a tool it is on a kind of sign out sheet and is signed and if not
    returned in said time I charge them for the tool ever since doing this I
    have not lost a tool. But there is only a few I will let be barrowed none
    of my high end tools.

  7. You always seem to increase my wishlist….
    Please recommend me a youtube channel that has the same effect on my bank

  8. great video as always

  9. I lent a “friend” some nice sculpting chisels awhile back…haven’t seen
    them in years. Haven’t seen him in years too. Fucker.

  10. The ShavingWood Workshop

    Always good stuff ! Looking forward to a follow up on the cutter heads

  11. Thomas Tieffenbacher/DocSavage45 (DocSavage45)

    Well done, and good content!

  12. We can see from the blood on your knuckles that you were having a great
    time putting the new blades in. I’m surprised you did not cut your finger
    tips at the same time ;0. I don’t think I have completed a single project
    without a drop or two of the red stuff. :)

  13. You may not always know when your buddy has used your wife, but, you will
    always know when your buddy has used your tools.

  14. I’ve tried for several years to cut dove tails and have failed miserably
    every time. Something like this might get me to stop using butt joints,
    glue and brads.

  15. When someone asks to borrow one of my tools they had better have room in
    the car and a spare bedroom. Because I go where my tools go.

  16. I agree 110%!!! theres 3 things a man doesn’t loan.his tools,his wife and
    his money!a mans tools are his lively hood and how he makes his
    living.definitely dont loan ur tools.I couldnt u know how many tools my
    brother has stolen from me.amongst other things.like my ipod..what a los.if
    u know much a manz prized ipod is worth to him.was like sealing a piece of
    my soul!!!!!! {€ :*<€( ¿¿¿ =# Bob veela meltdown.over tool thieves..hehe

  17. Haha, I loved the intro. Great video.

  18. Why didn’t you make your own pulley puller??

  19. Amen, Brother! Bring on the drool!

  20. what size should dove tails be for width and depth?

  21. thanks for the great video! you have great handtools, but your machinery
    leaves much to be desired.

  22. Did you do the follow-up comparison on the difference between the v-shear
    and the helical? I can’t find it anywhere.

  23. way too much talking to my liking

  24. Stumpy Nubs (James Hamilton)

    It’s a tool review vlog. It’s supposed to be talking. How am I supposed to
    give my opinions about the tools without talking? Sign language? Should I
    mime? What about smoke signals?

  25. 2 furlongs x 1 fortnight

  26. that point to point jigamafoo looks awesome! I stick muntins in windows at
    my job every day, would be the perfect tool to evenly space them! i usually
    divide the lights using math, but that tool would greatly reduce the time
    required…. thanks stumpy nubs! your awesome!

  27. You talk SO MUCH

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