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This is my third shop that I've setup so I've learned a few things that do and don't work with a shop workflow and efficiency. Here are 5 tips that you may not already utilize in your shop.


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  1. Just discovered this channel. Already binge watching! Questions: What brand
    are your cordless drills…and would you recommend them?

  2. Wow, its crazy that you posted this vid the same day I asked this
    question. Thanks for getting back to me. I just want to say how much I
    enjoy your vids. I have no real woodworking experience but have wanted to
    get into it for sometime. Its just a little intimidating since I am
    already in my 30s and feel as though I am so far behind the learning
    curve. Nonetheless, I watch all of the main woodworking youtube channels
    to include but not limited to Matthias, April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry,
    Woodwhisperer, Woodpecker etc. However I find your’s to be the most
    enjoyable. You are by far the most relatable. I really like that you don’t
    have a shop full of top of line festool or powermatic tools. In fact you
    always stress the importance of not going into debt in order to get into
    woodworking. Anyway, thanks for the reply and keep up the great work!

  3. Where in Michigan are you located? Go WINGS!

  4. +David Skibbe I grew up in Livonia. Been in Mississippi since 2001

  5. Have a friend that lives in Greenwood. How’s the lumber in the south?

  6. when I moved into my present workshop I already had a lot of stuff I needed
    to put someplace. So the closer I could get to the ideal right off the bat
    the better off I was going to be in the long run.The idea of moving a lot
    of my tools around continuously just doesn’t appeal to me.

  7. I will be there…cant wait.

  8. Joshua Courtney

    Nice shop setup! I’ll be starting on my garage soon. I think I’m going to
    go with a 4’×4′ version of the paulk workbench and something similar to the
    miter station you have going. do you think birch plywood is overkill for a
    miter station?

  9. do you ever park a car in the garage?

  10. +Sean Brotherton No.

  11. +Jay Bates I’m setting up my shop in a 2 car garage but had to agree to be
    able to get my wife’s car in if she chooses. I really like your set up for
    your table saw station and making use of space. I’m trying to get
    everything I can on casters to be mobile and got some really great ideas
    from your video. thanks for sharing!

  12. If you pay attention to the height that you build carts, stands, work
    tables, etc… you can roll them under other items such as a bench, miter
    saw stand, drill press and other equipment.

  13. Some great… AND practical tips. I definitely need to get organized. Just
    setting up my shop after years of dreaming… Thank you

  14. My tip. Long term items tend to automatically turn into hoarded items when
    they are out of sight too long. So sometimes we tend to keep them just
    visible to not forget we have them. Solution: Photograph, catalogue and
    keep it handy on your computer!

    Additional tip. Keeping stuff to get rid off in one spot is obvious. What I
    do to top that off is I keep notes of potential candidates to be auctioned
    or given away. It weirdly overlaps with my list of tools I keep juuuuust in
    case ;)

  15. the first quote was perfect!

  16. I like your shop layout.

  17. whats up,like your redwing handles… do you make and sell em…im from
    detroit mysf and still live there

  18. Jay, what’s your day job?

  19. thank you Jay . yup shops are a living organism they will change constantly
    as you grow . good ideas .

  20. Can you do a video on making and installing your high shelves?

  21. Where do you park your car?

  22. Make It Fit Outside

  23. Costco sells led bar lights for your fixtures now for cheap $7 bucks for
    two i believe FYI

  24. New to wood working! Would like to get a good idea for the best height for
    benches tables etc. any suggestions? Thanks!

  25. very helpfull video, I hope to see them more!

  26. Sean, I had the same situation, having to park 2 cars in the winter, and
    still be able to have a functional workshop within minutes. Workbench and
    ts outfeed tables on side walls, with piano hinges and folding legs,
    electric hoist and pulleys pull the contractors table saw to the ceiling,
    miter saw/ planer flip top cart rolls under large shelves, foldable
    sawhorse supports for assembly table which is just a 4’x4′ melamine, etc.
    You have to use the side walls and the ceiling as much as possible.

  27. Just to add, garage floor is uneven and has a slope. Foldable tables are
    the same height, which is perfect for height of the contractors tablesaw.
    Flip top mitre/planer cart is perfect height (and it’s adjustable on all 4
    sides) for the same outfeed table. Workbench has a woodworkers vise, but I
    also have a bench vise on a plywood base with rotating french cleat so that
    I can drop it into the woodworker vise, and when not need rotate the french
    cleat part and hang it on the wall.

  28. Hi Tim
    A year ago, you posted on Jay Bates woodworking youtube video. The last
    thing you wrote was, “….I am already in my 30s and feel as though I am so
    far behind the learning curve. Nonetheless, I watch all of the videos….”
    I retired about a year a a half ago, I’m 64 and started shortly after
    retirement. Knew very little about woodworking. Still do but I enjoy doing
    simple projects and watch youtube videos all the time to learn. So at 30
    years old, you are not behind the learning curve.
    I wish you luck in your endeavors. Don’t be afraid to try anything.

  29. Loved the video! Thanks. I will be applying your grouping of tools idea to
    my garage/shop. I also like your miter saw station. Did you spray paint
    your drill and driver?

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