5 Easy Woodworking Projects

Not only are these easy to make projects, they can be made very quickly with some basic woodworking tools and used for the shop!
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  1. Good work

  2. Thanks

  3. Really nice small projects ! I wish I had a garage to do wood working in
    but I try to do what I can in the house when the kids aren’t home during
    the day so I don’t drive them or the wife crazy with noise LOL . Love your
    videos keep up the great work .

  4. Thanks, I would do the same as you if I didn’t have the space. Good luck.

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    Very useful and great video! Thanks.

  6. men you are the best. i admire you sr.

  7. William Todd (williamtodd)

    Great video, goes to show you don’t need a shop full of fancy machines to
    make useful stuff.

  8. verry cool.. what happen with your finger?

  9. Hello!!
    What did you use for coating the mallet? Thanks!

  10. Alan, I used varathane.

  11. +Jack Houweling Is it a varnish or the brand? Could you send me a link?

  12. Olav Amh (olavamh)

    cool, but there is a major step between easy and simple

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    awesome video!

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  19. Thanks for sharing this video. These are fun ideas. You are a very talented

  20. Sheila Bettencourt


  21. Sheila Bettencourt


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  24. too much of woodworking. his hands are automatically safe to use in those

  25. Woodworking Plan Center

    great video!

  26. The sarcasm is strong in this one

  27. Nice video though I get the feeling the kind of people wanting to do easy
    woodworking projects are the same people who don’t have access to a table
    saw, band saw, bench sander, drill press etc. How about 5 easy projects
    using only a hand drill and a jigsaw?

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  30. I can’t wait to get started.

  31. Great video Jack, really good instructions on some nice small woodwork
    projects ideas

  32. I loved your projects! I was actually talking to my brother today about
    clamps and the video was very useful, I’ll be making them! I loved it,
    thank you!

  33. Eduardo Daniel Fasano

    I love the last project!!

  34. Lol at basic woodworking tools. This sucks

  35. Cool that clamp is really handy.

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  38. got a sub here very good quick straight to the point thanks for the ideas
    keep the videos up I will be a regular watcher !

  39. Thanks

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