4 Simple Shop Projects

When I was cleaning up my shop after my last project, I had a few things laying around that didn't have a home. So this week, I built four very simple projects to rectify that.

The first is a tape roll holder. Before they were just crowding my workbench, and I can't stand that.

Second was a second screw box holder. My first one has served my shop well, so I just built another one.

Third was a holder for my shop broom.

Fourth was a simple shelf I threw up next to my sink so I could have a spot to put my soap and what not.


  1. Wow, 4 projects in one 3.5 minute video…that’s some sort of record!   I need to make all of those.  Good ideas!

  2. : ) Thanks Steve.

  3. Nice job April, its always fun making those simple projects!

  4. Leocárdia Seifert

    Boa ideias, parabéns!

  5. Simple is best!
    And NO!!!! Covering up is not cheating, it’s an age old trick that never fails! 🙂

  6. Love that answer. ; )

  7. I would love to know where u can buy the blue thing to drill holes for Pocket holes i want to get one for my boyfriend? thanks

  8. You can buy them at any home improvement store or you can purchase one off Amazon here: http://goo.gl/rGNyB6

  9. love the way you make things easy.
    how’d you build the holder for your spanner set?

  10. Like the screw box holder. Problem is I never end up with the same size screw box!
    For tape rolls, I just use my pegboard and the appropriate pegs.

  11. April, You need a cross cut table saw sled!

  12. Hey April, I am putting mdf chip board on the wall of my garage, I see you have OSB. Is the mdf chip board ok to use, its also has a shine surface. I have this left over from a job I was doing.

  13. You are so cute I wish you were my daughter.

  14. hi April I would really love to now how to make a toolbox

  15. love the KISS of the project….keep it super simple…love it

  16. April,Congratulations, your designs inspire me enough to get the woodworking hobby , shame that the equipment in Brazil are extremely expensive and not easily accessible to people who are starting amateurishly . Kisses André of Brazil

  17. this is something that would be useful in my new shop. thanks for sharing

  18. If you’re referring to 3:12 , it just looks like some dowels attached to a board, to me.

  19. Now just get rid of that Bush/Cheney sign and we’ll be good to go.

  20. i guess u so beautiful april 🙂

  21. All your work/layout benches and you’re doing the designing on the table saw? Looks more like the way I’d do it. LOL!

  22. R u from Texas?

  23. much respect 👍👍

  24. Brilliant!

  25. your every work is so intelligent it makes me love your channel.

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